15 Tools for Your RV Toolkit | RV Service Center

15 Tools for Your RV Toolkit | RV Service Center

With limited RV space, it can be hard to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Anyone that has owned or even rented their own home understands that inevitably things are going to wear out, need replacement or brak. Murphy’s Law dictates that it will also almost always when you least expect it or need it. Therefore, having an RV toolkit is an essential part of the cargo. So, what can you put in your toolbox to maximize your space and be ready for what might come your way? Let us go over a few things to keep in your RV toolkit that can help provide a little peace of mind:

RV Toolkit Essential #1: A Good Flashlight

Person walking with a high quality flashlight at night.

Experienced RVers always have a good, reliable flashlight. They can be easily worn on a belt or in a pocket for quick access. A flashlight comes in handy when looking in small crevices, underneath the hood, or walking around the campsite. A good flashlight is worth its weight in gold, so if you can, try not to skimp here – you’ll thank yourself later. 

#2 to Put in Your RV Toolbox: A Pocket Knife

RV Toolkit tool, a pocketknife with several tools on it from a bottle opener to a set of scissors.

A pocket knife is another tool that can easily be carried in your pocket and doesn’t take up much space and is useful. In fact, many people carry one in their pocket regularly, even if they aren’t on an RV. You’ll never know when you’ll need to open a box, cut a wire, or dig something out of a tire. I’ll even work as a makeshift screwdriver in a pinch. Which brings us to #3. 

#3 to Put in Your Motorhome Tool Kit: A Multi-Bit Screwdriver

One RV tool that is good for emergencies is a multi-bit screwdriver.

A multi-bit screwdriver is probably your next best friend. You want to make sure you have a flat head, a Phillips head, and square drive bits to offer the most versatility. Having them all in one in the multi-bit screwdriver saves you have three tools, which reduces the space you take up. Bonus points if you get one with a magnetic tip. If you have room, add in a power drill. It will also go along way to save you some hassle.

RV Tool Set Essential #4: A Hammer

A traditional black handled light duty claw hammer.

Having a hammer is, of course, important for many reasons. Besides hammering things in, it can be used to pry, knock things loose or bend things back into shape. A traditional light-duty claw hammer will do the trick in most situations. 

RV Emergency Kit Tool #5: Duct Tape

A close up of silver duct tape.

If you accidentally hammer something broken, having duct tape at your disposal is always handy. There are hundreds of uses for duct tape outside of taping. Some of our most common applications are:

  • Fixing a tent or air mattress;
  • Patching a hose;
  • Removing splinters;
  • Make a clothesline;
  • Temporarily mending siding, screens or windows. 

If you’re incredibly talented, you can even make wallets out of it, therefore easing boredom on a rainy day in the RV. Never leave home without a roll of duct tape.

RV Toolkit Item #6: A Tire Pressure Guage

Tire pressure gauge

RVs are notorious for blowing out tires, so investing in a good tire pressure gauge is highly recommended. Be sure to check your pressures often to avoid a blowout.

#7 Most Important to Put in Your RV Toolbox: A Plier Set

Picture of used red handled plier set

Several types of pliers can come in handy for multiple purposes while traveling. Needle nose can get into small areas, tongue and groove pliers can provide gripping onto larger items. Vise grips help to hold things in place and can also double as a vise if needed.

RV Emergency Toolkit #8: An Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrench

Getting a small, medium, and large adjustable wrench can replace a whole set of metric wrenches. This will not only save space but weight! For all of those rowdy nuts and bolts, you can have a socket and ratchet set. Having a set of metric wrenches as well as a set of Allen wrenches should complete the wrenches part of your tool kit. These tools are essential to fixing all kinds of repairs on an RV.

Wire Cutters are #9 in Your Motorhome Tool Set

Black Handled wire cutters

Wire cutters are not only great for cutting wire, but also zip ties. You should also have some zip ties in your RV because they are a quick and easy way to fix things in a pinch. Having different sizes is also beneficial, we recommend 6, 8, and 12-inch lengths.

#10, #11, and #12 For Your RV Tool Kit: Level, Tape Measure, & Utility Knife

Yellow measuring tape

You can find a small and inexpensive level to add to your tool kit, this will make leveling your RV a tad easier every time you park. A tape measure is also handy to have to measure tight spaces, not just to fit your RV into, but to fit things into your RV. Bring along a utility knife with extra blades, too. Using a utility knife whenever possible will save the wear and tear on your pocket knife. These items don’t take up much space or weight but can help make RV life more manageable.

RV Toolkit #13: A Multimeter 


With all the electronic gadgets on an RV, it is always a good idea to have a multimeter onboard. Between all of the batteries, solar panels, generators, converters, inverters, etc., a multimeter can help track down an electrical issue faster. 

Best Items to Have in Your Motorhome Toolbox #14: Thread Seal

And for plumbing or water hook-up issues, always have a roll or two of thread seal tape at your fingertips. Also known as plumber’s tape or PTFE, thread seal helps to prevent any water leaks at joint connections. It’s useful everywhere, from water lines to showerheads!

Don’t Leave Home Without Leather Work Gloves in your RV Toolkit

Leather RV work gloves

Having a good pair of leather work gloves for all the little jobs, you will be doing and will save your hands a ton of wear and tear.

Don’t have an RV Tool? Ask to Borrow It! 

If you’re stuck and you need a tool that you don’t have, you can always borrow one. Check with fellow campers before you go out and purchase it. It will be a great way to make new friends. If they don’t have it, try the local stores to see if you can rent a tool before you purchase. Many auto parts stores will let you do this, saving you time and space in your motorhome or fifth wheel. 

Get Checked by an RV Service Center Before You Go

It’s always a good idea to have a well-stocked RV toolkit before you set out on your next big adventure. Before you head out, be sure to stop and visit your local Utah RV service center to reduce the chance of any incidents. Recreation RV Sales is well-known for quality, factory-certified, repair service, as well as a selection of parts for your motorhome, fifth wheel, or recreational vehicle. Schedule an RV inspection with our service center today by calling 801-571-6439. 

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