How Much do RV Repairs Cost?

How Much do RV Repairs Cost?

You’re considering a tiny house on wheels to embark on new and amazing adventures out on the open road! The possibilities are endless and so exciting! Just like with buying a traditional home where you’d want to have a realtor with a good and successful reputation, you’ll want to find a reputable RV dealer that cares about the condition of the RVs they’re selling. When buying an RV,  keep in mind the possibility of RV repairs. But don’t stress out; when you plan and budget for them, they’re no worse than the car or home maintenance that you’re already covering. You’ll soon forget your daily struggles and be driving off into the sunset on your grand adventure. 

Have an RV Repair Budget

Image of a used motorhome in front of Utah mountains, used for RV repair blog.

Anyone wanting to enjoy the RV life will want to have a budget for repairs beforehand, as it’s not a matter of if, but when repairs will need to be addressed. Any vehicle headed towards adventure will need regular maintenance checks done to keep all functions working safely and correctly.

Schedule Routine RV Maintenance

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There’s always a possibility that something can happen, but with the scheduled timely maintenance we’re talking about, you should be able to keep most (not all, of course, but most) repair costs low.

The Cost of RV Repairs

Man performing motorhome maintenance to RV sink.

If something DOES comes up, the cost of repairs can vary widely based on multiple factors, including the severity of the repairs needed and if you are handy type individual and want to take on projects yourself, or if you’re better at driving than fixing and choose to take it to a shop or dealer to have the work done professionally. Repair shops may charge a hefty hourly rate for service, plus the price of parts, or you might sometimes find someone that moonlights for cheaper. Using specialized laborers can sometimes save money when it comes to items like cabinets, furniture, flooring, etc.  A dealer might charge the most, but often a reputable place will cover their work with a limited warranty.

Common RV Repairs

Man underneath RV performing tire care, presumably on the side of the road, with RV tires laying next to RV.

Some of the most common repairs avid RVer’s may see getting ready or on the road might be:

Tire blowouts: They can be scary out on the long, sometimes windy highways making it especially essential to check the status of your tires before and during each trip for wear and tear and also to ensure they are at the correct pressure.

Leaking and Water Damage: Dripping pipes, toilet, and wastewater issues can be taken care of quickly and inexpensively if monitored regularly but if leftover time can turn i to quite an expensive headache

Water repairs can be as simple as fixing the seals around pipes, windows, doors and on the roof, or turn into more significant projects like having to dismantle parts of your rig to clean out damaged areas properly. These types of repairs can be very costly, as water damage can lead to mold issues, so they must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly and aggressively. Regular care and maintenance of the roof and seals can save you a lot of hassles and headaches in the future.

Other Common Issues: Leaking propane tanks and furnaces (which can be dangerous –  keep up on regular preventative maintenance for these), and exterior damage from parking/driving. Most maintenance and repair incidents can be reasonably inexpensive when caught early enough

Proper RV Storage

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Properly storing your RV and winterizing your RV is a must, so make sure you know the proper procedures. Storing your RV inside or under a UV protective cover is vital to protecting the roof and sealing during rough winter weather.

Visit Your Local Utah RV Service Center

Recreation RV Sales and Service in Draper Utah

So, in short, when you buy that RV, don’t be intimidated or let repair costs steal the joy of adventure from you. Plan and make sure your monthly budget includes repairs, maintenance, and storage. Spring is the perfect time to schedule your annual RV inspection with your local RV dealership for service you can trust. At Recreation RV Sales & Service, we pride ourselves on quality service at a price you can afford. Whether it’s scheduling your routine inspection or finding a used RV for sale, your adventure is our business! Call us today at  801-571-6439 to schedule your preseason RV inspection! 

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