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Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling the country, free of the confines of a mortgage and a brick-and-mortar office? As RVers, we look forward to camping season, but the time away is just never long enough. We often stare longingly out the office window, just waiting for the next weekend RV trip. We dream about all the places we want to go, make bucket lists, and wonder, “How do these families and people travel full time?” “How do they fund this grand adventure?” Let’s discuss the possibilities of how to make money traveling

Funding Your RV Living Dream

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If you’re good at something, you could probably make a living with it on the road, especially with technology and internet capabilities these days. You could relatively effortlessly fund a full-time RV life. Start by projecting what it would cost to live on the road, and how much money you need to make. Then look at this long list of possibilities to see if there is something that might fit your skillset. If it isn’t already listed, create something of your own. RV living is all about living the best life possible and following your dreams, whatever that looks like to you! Don’t squander the opportunity by doing something you don’t like. 

Using Your Degree to Become a Fulltime Family

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Do you already have a degree that you spent years of your life earning? Do you want to make a living using that expertise? If you want to live a life on the road, this may be a perfect time to start your own business. Lawyers and accountants often work remotely. Using your experience and knowledge to be a business consultant, or perhaps becoming a bookkeeper and working with a few dedicated clients are just 2 paths you can take. Even if you had to meet with clients in person occasionally, you could travel to those meetings. Spice it up by finding clients in unique destinations as a sort of fun adventure on its own. Most of the work can be done on the phone or over the internet. 

Find Out How to Make Money Traveling

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Several freelance jobs fit very well with a nomadic lifestyle. Try a few of these options on for size to discover how to make money while traveling:

Create your own website or blog; perhaps you can write about your travels. 

You can be a virtual tutor, provide lessons for homeschoolers, or teach English to children in China. 

Become a freelance writer, virtual assistant, or if you have skills as a graphic designer, become a website designer, or design stationery. 

Being a photographer is a mobile position. You could market yourself as a destination photographer and travel wherever the clients take you. 

Are you an artist, painter, sculptor, or jewelry maker. Find your inspiration by searching for different arts and crafts fairs around the country. Make the art you love while traveling to exotic destinations.

Travel-Friendly Temp Jobs Can Fund Your Fulltime RV Living, Too

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Let us not forget about temporary jobs. Campgrounds often have job boards or offer free stays to people who work for the campgrounds. If you find a destination you love and want to hang around a while longer, check into local hospitality businesses for a position. Restaurants, hotels/motels, hostels, retail stores, call centers, and gas stations often offer short-term jobs. 

Are you good with your hands? Construction, farming, and landscaping are great outdoor options to enjoy the scenery of your destination. These are labor-intensive options that require some skill but pay decently. Are you wondering where to find these positions? Networking with local people is the best way to find temporary work. When brainstorming about how to make money traveling, many people often find that they can do the same thing on the road that they would at a permanent residence.

Short Term Rentals or Long Term Rentals

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Passive income is another way to fund your RV living. Do you own your home? What about your car? Through vacation rental businesses such as and Airbnb, you can rent out your home or your vehicle. Put your home up for rent and use the monthly income to fund your RV dream! This option works exceptionally well if you own your home free-and-clear! 

Travel Where the Wi-Fi is Weak

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All this work requires is time and effort, a little creativity, and the internet. The internet can sometimes cause a problem with RVers, since some destinations are remote. Cell phone hot spots are a great way to combat internet issues. The good news is, if you don’t get cell phone service somewhere, chances are you are too busy enjoying the scenery anyway. 

The possibilities of how to make a living while traveling are virtually endless. The key is to ask other RVers what they do and keep your ears peeled for opportunities. Don’t give up and remember: it’s about having fun, so enjoy your new-found freedom.

Looking for an RV for Sale? Try Your Local RV Dealer

Of course, to fully achieve fulltime RV living, you’ll need to find a motorhome or a fifth wheel that meets your needs. Be sure to stop by your Draper RV dealership to find a quality used RV for sale at a great price. At Recreation RV Sales & Service, we offer a great selection of pre-owned RV’s at a price that makes financing fulltime RV living even easier. Call us today at 801-572-0525 to schedule a test drive or check out our used RV inventory!

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