Reasons to Try Winter RVing | RV Dealer, UT

Reasons to Try Winter RVing | RV Dealer, UT

From warm summer breezes and bright spring flowers to picturesque fall foliage, there are so many reasons to get on the road to start a new adventure. Yet, did you know winter has it’s advantages, too? Often overlooked, winter tends to get the short end of the stick when it comes to RV travel. Think about it: can you imagine yourself driving down the road in your RV, staring across the snow-covered ground? Let’s discuss all of the reasons why you need to add winter RVing to your bucket list:

Reason #1: Snow Covered Scenery

Winter RVing is worth it because of all of the fantastic winter views

First of all, who can deny that there is a certain beauty to a landscape draped in newly fallen snow or the magic of falling snowflakes in a quiet forest? The world seems so much more peaceful during a snowfall. If you have never been in the woods when it snows, you’ll never understand why the sound of snowfall is often described as deafening (but, in a soothing, sound machine kind-of-way). Even the animals seem to be holding their breath as the flakes float to the ground. 

The dynamic landscape of mountains drenched in white is a sight to behold, but a winter RV trip also does not need to be spent in snow and ice. Many destinations have decent temperatures, even during the winter months. But, does that count as true winter RVing?

Winter RVing Reason #2: Mood Booster

Smile as big as this lady during the middle of a snowball fight while winter RVing

Reason two is there is no better way to fight the winter blues than getting out into nature. Combat those seasonal lows by hiking to a frozen waterfall, hitting the slopes, fishing on a frozen lake, or taking a snowmobile for a ride. There is a multitude of activities that can be done outside, and we guarantee that a little time outside throwing snowballs or building a snowman will help lift those spirits.

Reason #3 to RV in Winter: Off-Season Wins

Winter RV Camping by Used RV Dealership in Utah

The third reason for RVing in winter is that you can save money. Summer is always going to be a busy time for RV travel – the kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful, and life is just simpler. But, summer camping also comes with a higher price tag. The off-season is where everyone saves their money. Not only are campsites cheaper, but they are also easier to access and get the one you want. You also have the flexibility to stay an extra night or two or arrive earlier since most campgrounds do not fill up in the winter months.

With fewer travelers, that also means more peace and quiet. Imagine visiting your favorite parks without the crowds. If you are not a people person, this is defiantly an advantage. 

Reason #4: A Whole New World

Winter makes everything look different during Winter RVing

The amazing thing about nature is that it is in a constant change of flux. Winter RVing allows you to see your favorite places in a new light. The same waterfall looks different in each season, for example. It is fun to hike the same path at different times of the year and see how the seasons change the landscape. Water flow is greatly affected by the seasons, various plants and flowers are in bloom at different parts of the year, and wildlife is more or less abundant depending on the season. Plan to visit somewhere you have already been during the summer and see how it is different.

Winter RVing Benefit #5: No Creepy Crawlies

Mosquitoes are a huge problem in summer RVing. Try winter RVing to avoid the bugs.

Since the weather is cooler, there is one thing that is very beneficial to traveling in the winter, no bugs. No creepy crawlies. No flying pests. No ants marching away with your picnic. You can enjoy the outdoors without having to swat away pesky insects, spray a bunch of stinky repellents, or wash the remnants off the front of your RV. Wait, why isn’t this our top reason?

#6 Reason to RV in Winter: Romantic and Cozy

Winter RVing is the perfect time to snuggle up like this pup sleeping on a lap with a blanket.

Wintertime makes us want to curl up and get cozy and warm. With the options for RVs today, it is nearly effortless to be comfortable in your rig during the cold months. What better way to spend time with your loved ones. Take a refreshing winter hike and come back to a warm camper, a crockpot of soup, and a warm beverage. Added bonus: it will give you a reason to snuggle with your person (or your pet) even more.

Reason #7 for RVing in Winter

A warm campfire is one of our favorite reasons to enjoy Winter RVing.

Last, but never least, who can argue that colder weather makes for a better campfire? We wall all summer for cooler temperatures to gather around the fire pit. Campfires are just more impressive in the fall and winter because you can get up close, feel the coolness on your back, and the warmth on your front. Just how a campfire is supposed to feel. Plus, s’ mores are the essential campfire treat. Our favorite memories involve chocolate-covered smiles and sticky fingers and the pure laughter that goes right along with it. 

Start Your RV Dream at your Utah RV Dealership

Recreation-RV-Sales Draper Utah

RVing is about adventure, exploring, going places you never thought you would go. So start planning your winter route and knock winter RVing off your bucket list; you’ll be glad you did! 

If you’re anything like us, you daydream about all of your fun adventures long before you actually have the means to do it. When you’re ready to take your first big winter RV trip, be sure to stop by and visit your used RV dealer in Utah to get started! At Recreation RV, we pride ourselves on the quality and the cleanliness of our inventory, so you can travel with confidence. Be sure to check out our current inventory and call us at 888-958-7848 to schedule a test drive!

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