Trading In Your RV: Getting the Most for Your RV

If your current RV is no longer suiting your needs, it may be time for you and your family to trade-in for another model. However, after the time, love, and care that you’ve put into your current rig — not to mention the cost of a newer vehicle — you want to be sure you get the absolute most value for trading in your RV. Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade that have helped other families get the most for their motorhome or fifth wheel: 

Ready to upgrade your RV? These tips will help you get the most when trading in your RV.

Exterior: Just like you want your home to have excellent curb appeal, you also want your RV to sparkle and shine. Potential buyers form the decision about whether they’re interested in a vehicle by looking at the outside. It is really difficult to come back from a bad first impression; therefore, dealers make sure the exterior stands out. If your’s is in excellent condition, it saves us the extra time and money, which will put more money into your pocket. 

Maintenance: If you haven’t done the maintenance this season, its time to check that off of the to-do list! If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, a trusted RV dealer can do a thorough inspection. Areas to be on the lookout for: 

  •     Roof: Check the roof for leaks, stains, or cracks. Make any necessary repairs. 
  •    Windows: If your windows have stains, leaks, cracks, or dings, we will have to pay to replace them, which can reduce an offer.
  •    Tires and Wheels: A set of newer tires will help you earn more than tires over 5 years old. 

Electrical and Plumbing: Be sure to test out all electrical, from the battery to the generator and the appliances. Then, check all of the water lines and plumbing. Just like you want them working when you get your new RV, someone else will, too. Before anyone purchases an RV from us, we perform a thorough 30-point inspection and perform factory certified repairs. If it can’t be repaired to optimum working condition, we replace it. The less necessary repairs, the more money you make. 

Cleanliness helps you earn more for your RV trade-in.

Cleanliness: Interior cleanliness goes hand-in-hand with the exterior appeal. Psychologically, if a potential buyer walks into a less than sparkling interior, they’ll immediately begin to create a list of negatives for the vehicle. Instead, accentuate the positives and help them envision themselves living or traveling in the RV with a clean interior!

Ask a Trusted RV Dealership in Utah

If you’re thinking of trading in your RV, visit a reliable Utah RV dealer, Recreation RV Sales. Whether its performing seasonal maintenance, upgrading a motorhome or outfitting your current rig with parts and accessories, our goal is to give you a fair market value so you can have more to spend on your family. Call us today at 888-958-7848 to find out how we can help, or visit our see our current used RVs for sale! Your family memories are our business! With more than 50 years of experience, find out what makes us Utah’s trusted RV dealer! 

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Deals on RVs: Best Practices to Get the Best Deal

Deals on RVs: Best Practices to Get the Best Deal

How do some people seem to score amazing deals on RVs? The truth is, there are a few tricks that savvy RV buyers know and use to their advantage. Here are a few tips to help you get the best deal, every time, no matter where you buy an RV.

Get great deals on Rvs by using these tricks used by savvy RV buyers.

Tip #1: Expand Your Search Area

Although it’s nice to search nearby and support the local economy, you also want to be sure that you get the most bang for your buck. Expanding your search area to other states and even to the rest of the country can save you thousands of dollars. Here in Utah, we aren’t forced to have exorbitant profit margins to make up for harsh winters; therefore, our prices are often more reasonable than our northern neighbors.

Tip #2: Buy in the Fall and Winter

It’s no secret that spring and summer are peak months for RV travel, which makes them peak sales months for RV dealers, as well. In those months, we can drive a harder bargain because there are simply more people in the market to buy an RV. Demand slows in fall and winter, which is prime time for you to swoop in and get that deal you’ve been waiting for!

Tip #3: Buy a Used RV, Motorhome, or Fifth Wheel

When you buy an RV brand new, it loses value as soon as you drive it off of the lot. Even with the high turnover rate of RV’s (people are always trading in and upgrading!) you’ll never make back what you paid for your brand new RV. Buying a used RV has already undergone the initial depreciation, which dramatically slows after the first couple of years. Plus, buying used lets you know that it has been tested and all of the brand new kinks have been worked out of it already!

Tip #4: Know the Market

Some larger RV dealerships have two different prices: the one that is listed in bright colors on the windshield and the “real” price. Inexperienced RV buyers are often drawn to the fluorescent numbers. In many of the larger dealerships, that price can go lower! Get the best deals on RVs by doing market research ahead of time. Knowing how much the RV should cost gives you more confidence when it comes to negotiations and ensures you aren’t paying too much.

Tip #5: Openly Compare Utah RV Dealers

Buying an RV is a significant investment! It is natural and savvy to compare prices between various competitors. As a trusted, family-run RV dealership in Utah with more than 50 years of experience, we strive to give you the best possible vehicle at fair market value. At Recreation RV Sales, your fun family vacation is our business, and we will do what it takes to help you drive away happy. Call us today at 888-958-7848 or check out our wide selection of used RVs for sale!

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RV Destinations: Best for Fall Leaves

RVers impatiently anticipate the months between September and November for the awe-inducing annual changing of the leaves. It’s true that countless travelers flock to the Northeast to enjoy the iconic American fall months; however, you can enjoy the stunning display throughout the country. As a Utah RV dealership, it is important to us to help you create lasting memories. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite fall RV destinations:

Autumn foliage makes RV travel more fun with the stunning crimsons, oranges, and yellows.

Acadia National Park, Maine

October is typically the prime time to enjoy the autumnal foliage along the coast of Maine. Consistently ranking at the top of RV destination lists, the quaint town offers historical hotels, kayaking, and whale and bird watching in an undeniably gorgeous setting. Kick back and relax with your favorite fall drink where the salt air meets the crisp breeze. This destination is definitely a place to slow down and just enjoy the beauty of the area. 

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

October is also the peak time to enjoy the golden hues of orange and yellow in the Ozark National Forest. With over one million acres of mountains, springs, parks, and rivers, you’re in for a real visual treat. We suggest you have your cameras ready for this picture-perfect opportunity!

Aspen, Colorado

The ideal time to see the beautiful golden Aspens for which the city is named is mid to late September. Locals to the state recommend choosing your travel dates rather than a specific RV destination itself because the leaves only change for about 10 days before they fall for the winter. See for yourself how the golden Aspens seem to shimmer in the sunlight, creating a gorgeous combination when paired with the evergreens of the surrounding mountains. It’s something you have to see to believe!

These RV destinations will help create memories to last a lifetime!

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

The 80-mile canyon offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest. If you arrive between mid-September and mid-October, you’ll be awestruck by the beautiful crimsons, oranges, and yellows. Visitors not only enjoy miles of tree-lined hiking trails, but they can also enjoy the beauty while kayaking or rafting down the river along the border of Washington and Oregon. 

Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, New Mexico

New Mexico has long been known as The Land of Enchantment, which is why it makes sense that they named this 83-mile strip the “Enchanted Circle.” This stretch of highway takes you through all of the gorgeous terrains that New Mexico has to offer, including mountains, valleys, mesa, and national forestlands. Plan to take this route this fall to see the stunning yellows, reds and even purples! It’s a perfect RV destination!

Autumn is one of our favorite seasons because of all of the beauty.

Visit Your Trusted Utah RV Dealership

At Recreation RV Sales, we pride ourselves as being a trusted RV dealer in Draper, UT. Our trained and knowledgeable staff go above and beyond to assist you with all of your RV needs. From our pre-owned RV inventory to certified maintenance and repairs, we look forward to helping your family have a fun and memorable trip. Start making memories today! Stop by and see us or call 888-958-7848 to say hello!


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Buying an RV: Dealer vs. Private Seller

Buying an RV: Dealer vs. Private Seller

Anyone in the market for an RV can attest to the number of RVs that flood any internet search. Regardless of whether you are searching for a fifth wheel or a motorized RV, everyone has the same thing in common: find the best vehicle at the best price. Throughout the years, a myth emerged that buying from a private seller was the way to go. Although a lucky few can find a great deal, most buyers should beware of buying from private sellers. Before buying an RV, let’s discuss the pros and cons of each option: 

Buying an RV at a Utah RV Dealership gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Purchasing from an RV Dealership

When you purchase from a trusted RV dealer in Utah, you drive away with the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will last – no matter where the adventure takes you. Dealerships spend years building up a reputation, which can only be accomplished through exceptional customer service and reliable products. Dealerships care about you and want you to have a fantastic experience. Sure, the price may be slightly higher than a private seller, but a dealership also:

  • Inspects each vehicle, regardless of if there is an existing warranty;
  • Details the RV inside and out;
  • Completes routine maintenance like oil and other fluid changes;
  • Performs any necessary repairs, like changing tires, removing dings, or applying paint touch-ups,
  • Offers several financing options, so every client gets the best rate for them; and
  • Includes all of the tax, tag, and title paperwork, so it isn’t left up to the customer.
You never know what you’re buying from a private seller.

Buying from a Private Seller

If you’re purchasing from a private seller, they may (or may not) have more wiggle-room on the price. The owner also can tell you about the RVs performance history and repairs, which may be the most significant advantage. However, that is just about where the benefits may end. Although the initial sticker price may be an initial draw, consider the following factors that may leave you spending more in the end:

  • They do not have to tell you about any defects or repairs;
  • A private seller does not have the training or certification to make repairs;
  • They are not backed by a reputation in the community; and
  • They cannot offer a guarantee, warranty, or financing. 

Visit a Reliable Draper, UT RV Dealer

If you are in the market for a pre-owned RV, take a minute to stop by and say hello to the courteous professionals at Recreation RV Sales. As a trusted RV Dealership in Utah, we pride ourselves on our reputation for offering the cleanest vehicles at the best price. We also provide financing options to suit your budget. Try it before you buy it! Call us today at 888-958-7848 to schedule a test drive! But first, check out what’s new in our used RV inventory!

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Is it Time to Trade-In Your RV?

Is it Time to Trade-In Your RV?

The one thing that always remains the same is that everything changes. Family dynamics, adventures, and even the latest and greatest gadgets on the market are in a constant state of change. Over time, our well cared for fifth-wheel or motorhome no longer suits our needs. How do we know when it’s time to trade-in an RV for something else? Let’s discuss the signs:

Family size can make a difference when deciding to trade-in your RV.

Size: Family size changes throughout our lives, we have children, children graduate, we have pets, the extended family wants to travel, etc. There are several reasons why your current RV is either too small (or too big) for your current needs. Consider the following factors:

  • Maneurverability
  • Number of beds
  • Space for kids to play
  • Use
  • Moving space
  • Storage space
  • Kitchen size

Comfort: Every family is different, and therefore, so is every adventure. Some RV owners want to use their camper for short trips away for the weekend, while others prefer to live in their motorhome full-time, traveling the country. Most weekenders and part-time travelers can get by and may even prefer something smaller since their main concern is sleeping space. Meanwhile, full-time families and those going for longer trips often prefer the luxury and scope of a motorhome. The luxury option gives them ample room to relax after a day of driving, as well as places to store their living necessities. 

Maintenance: If your RV is older, you’ll quickly discover that parts for repairs are not as easy to come by – and may cost a little more. Not only that, but you’ll also notice that you’ll need to replace more parts as the older ones begin to wear out. Newer fifth wheels and motorhomes feature:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Better sustainability
  • Less maintenance

Find Out What Your RV Trade-In Is Worth at a Draper RV Dealer

If you are thinking of trading in your current fifth wheel, motorhome, or travel trailer, stop by and visit the most trusted RV Dealership in Utah, Recreation RV Sales today! We pride ourselves in offering the cleanest vehicles at the best price. We are an honest, family-owned dealership that puts your needs first. Your adventure is our business. Call us today at 888-958-7848 to schedule a test drive, but first, check out what’s new in our pre-owned RV inventory!

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Driving an RV and Tricks the Pros Use

Driving an RV and Tricks the Pros Use

When driving an RV on a crowded highway in the middle of a big city, you become acutely aware of the importance of maneuvering your vehicle proficiently. One wrong move can seriously put a damper on your vacation. Along with driving safely, you should also learn the signals used by truck drivers across the country. Sure, we all dream of having wide open roads filled with breathtaking views, but inevitably, there will be other vehicles on the road, both larger and smaller than you. Learning roadway etiquette and signals now will improve driving safety and enjoyability later. 

Be Aware of Other Drivers

Just about the only thing bigger than an RV on the road is a semi-truck. Although you are more likely to be seen than a smaller vehicle, semis still have a significant number of blind spots (as do you.) No matter how courteous, blind spots still exist for each of us. Help reduce the potential for an accident by remembering these safety measures:

  • Maintaining a safe stopping distance;
  • Pass quickly; and
  • Share the space on the road.

Understanding and Using Trucker Signals

Although they frequently talk to each other using CB radios, truck drivers, and occasionally other drivers, will “talk” to other drivers using the lights on their vehicle. You may or may not have ever noticed it, but now that you are aware, you will see it more frequently. Watch closely for these signals the next time you are on a road trip, or try them yourself:

  • Headlights flash twice from oncoming traffic: A police speed trap is ahead; 
  • More than two headlight flashes from oncoming traffic: Danger or debris in the road, slow down;
  • Headlights flash from the lane you’re trying to merge into: You’re clear to move over and have enough room;
  • Left blinker behind you in passing lane: Please move over;
  • Two gentle taps of breaks from the car in front of you: Thank you;
  • Short flashing hazard/trailer lights: Thank you; and
  • Flashing hazard/trailer lights: Slow/ stopped traffic ahead due to poor weather or construction. 

Creating an Enjoyable Family Road Trip is Our Goal!

Although driving an RV is very much like driving any other vehicle, you must remember that you are significantly larger than many of your fellow drivers. Use these tips and tricks to help you and your family stay safe on your next vacation. Your dream vacation is our business! As Utah’s most-trusted RV dealership, our team is trained to help answer your questions and help you find the right vehicle for your trip. Stop by and see Recreation RV Sales today or call us at 888-958-7848. Check out our current pre-used RV inventory to find the RV that is right for you!


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Fulltime RV Living: Is it Worth it?

Fulltime RV Living: Is it Worth it?

The benefits of fulltime RV living have long been proclaimed by people of all walks of life. Those with adventurous souls enjoy the freedom to travel from destination to destination on a whim, with little-to-no advanced planning. Even devout Dave Ramsey followers will remember the story of the couple that lived in an RV to save money and pay off debt so they could eventually buy a home together. You don’t have to be a modern-day gypsy or on a tight budget to crave the benefits of fulltime RV living. If you’re wondering if the sacrifices of space and stability are worth it, we can help you decide:

Unbeatable Views From Your RV

One thing is for sure, your permanent brick-and-mortar home is not easy to transport, making it a permanent fixture of wherever it was built. Your view is the same, day-in and day-out, regardless of if that is oceanfront property or the back of a boring shopping center. If you want really spectacular permanent views, that will cost you a pretty penny; a price many are willing to pay, even if it is out of the budget.

Alternatively, consider that an RV can take you places that you can’t even stay in a hotel. Want to camp on the beaches of Texas? Pull right up to the surf in South Padre Island, rather than back where the waves are sure to miss the hotel. What about watching a spectacular sunrise or sunset from the rim of the Grand Canyon? Simply pull your RV up for a view to remember for a lifetime.

Fulltime RV Teaches “Less is More”

In a traditional home, you begin to accumulate “stuff.” If a wall feels empty, you’ll go shopping to find a table or a piece of artwork to fill the space. You’ll want to buy furniture to eat on so you can entertain guests and feel comfortable after a long day of work.

An RV allows you to focus more on creating connections and enjoying experiences rather than on filling your home. Your RV is typically equipped with just about everything you need regarding furniture. Fill it with only a few necessities and away you go! No need to overfill and overthink because you will be too busy enjoying the great outdoors and new destinations. You’ll easily make life-long friends with others at RV parks and campgrounds, many of whom share the same lifestyle. You simply won’t want to lounge on the couch and binge-watch the latest television series.

Financial Stability with an RV

If you do not have a mortgage or monthly rent payment, how easy would it be to pay off your RV in-full over a short period? You don’t have the nagging utility bills, either.  Most people can pay off their RV within the first few years, but RV mortgages are typically longer terms. Many lenders even offer 20-year payoffs! Fulltime families love the financial freedoms afforded to them by their lifestyle.

However, keep in mind that no two experiences are exactly alike. Your RV experience will cost as much or as little as you like. If you change destinations every day and eat out for every meal, in addition to activities and excursions, you likely won’t save much. For optimum savings, try month-long rentals and make mostly homemade meals.

Financing Your RV for Fulltime Living

Are you still curious about a fulltime or parttime RV living? Ask a friendly professional at Utah’s favorite RV dealership, Recreation RV Sales. Our team of RV experts is specially trained to assess your needs and help find you the right fifth wheel or motorhome to suit your needs. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns. Check out our current RVs for sale in our inventory then call us today at 801-572-0525 to schedule your test drive. We also proudly offer secure RV financing options to help turn your fulltime RV dream into a reality.


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Buying an RV: Motorhome vs. Fifth Wheel

Buying an RV: Motorhome vs. Fifth Wheel

When buying an RV, many families are overwhelmed by the number of options available. Just like your home or your vehicle, there is a style and size to suit your individual needs and preferences. This comprehensive list will help you determine which model will best serve your family. It is important to remember that neither a fifth wheel or a motorhome is superior to the other, but rather, each supports a different type of lifestyle. Although you may use this article to help create a pro/con list for your family, it is not intended to say that either one is better overall.

If you are a first-time RV buyer, you’ll want to review common RV lingo to help you understand the terminology. Then, you should decide what you will be doing with your RV. Will you be taking it out for short weekend trips, or do you hope to one day live in it full-time traveling the country? Once you have an idea of your ideal usage, take a look at some of the other factors below to help you decide between a motorhome and a fifth wheel:

What is a Fifth Wheel?

A fifth wheel is a large camping trailer that attaches to the back of a large towing vehicle, like a pickup truck. While it isn’t a full-blown house on wheels, a fifth wheel does offer many of the same perks as a motorhome, in a smaller size.

Benefits of Buying a Fifth Wheel


For many families buying an RV, the very first concern is the cost of the investment. While there are many areas to take into consideration, the fifth wheel is almost always at a lower price point. Although this is for many reasons, one of the leading contributing factors for the difference is because the cost does not include the price of the tow vehicle. Consider the following charges:

Initial Cost

The initial cost of a comparable motorhome will always be higher than the fifth wheel. To give a comparison: a new low-end fifth wheel costs somewhere in the ballpark of $30,000 versus a new low-end Class A costs about $85,000. However, this does not include the cost of purchasing a new tow-vehicle, either. A new truck to tow your fifth wheel can easily make up the price difference if you don’t already have a truck.

Insurance Cost

The cost to insure a fifth wheel is lower than the price to insure a motorhome. This is because not only is the cost of replacing a motorhome higher but also because the motorhome is driveable you’ll need to include collision coverage and there are more moving parts on a motorhome.


An RV needs repair and maintenance work just like your daily driver and your home. In many cases, the cost to maintain a Class A motorhome is higher than a fifth wheel simply because the Class A has the engine to include. However, if you want to compare apples-to-apples for buying an RV: an oil change for a motorhome typically runs about $200-$300, versus your average tow vehicle is under $100.


In many aspects, the fifth wheel is more comfortable than a Class A motorhome. Let us consider some of the deciding factors:

Residential-Style Furniture

If you’re looking for full-size furniture, the fifth wheel might be your best option. Although many motorhomes have incredibly comfortable furniture, much of it is downsized or altered to fit additional storage solutions. In a fifth wheel, manufacturers generally use typical residential furniture in their models. However, this could be a negative if weight is a concern since the furniture is heavier.

Kitchen Counter Space

Families that enjoy cooking and preparing meals in their RV kitchen often enjoy that fifth wheels come with a kitchen island, whereas motorhomes do not. Although the kitchen island offers more counter space, be aware that during traveling when the slides are in, the kitchen island often makes it difficult to maneuver inside of the fifth wheel, a problem that does not exist inside of a motorhome.

Ceiling Height

We suggest that you walk through both options before buying an RV. If you are tall or become claustrophobic in tight spaces, you’ll love the taller ceilings of the fifth wheel. Although many motorhome models have closed the gap between the height difference, in nearly every case, the fifth wheel offers a substantially higher ceiling.

Living Space

Overall, the square footage of most fifth wheels with pop-outs is significantly larger than that of a Class A motorhome. The fifth wheel is not meant to travel with the pop-outs engaged, enabling them to extend much further, offering more living space when the vehicle is parked. Pop-outs on motorhomes are shallower, therefore does not increase the square footage by a significant amount.

Air Conditioning

Due to the lack of a windshield mixed with the head of an engine, it is easier to maintain a consistently cooler temperature in a fifth wheel.

What is a Motorhome?

A motorhome is an all-inclusive recreational vehicle, complete with living accommodations, an engine, and the vehicle cab.

Benefits of Buying a Motorhome

Ease of Use


If you can back up your daily driver, you can probably back up a motorhome, even into tight spaces like camping spots. If you have a fifth wheel, we recommend practicing backing up the trailer for a full afternoon before taking it on the road. You will likely need to back up your fifth wheel at some point throughout your trip, and when that time comes, you’ll be thankful that you’ve at least had a little practice. However, at every campground, you’ll always see at least one fifth wheel struggle for 10 minutes until they get their RV parked. Alternatively, a motorhome is more like an extended car and will back up into small spaces with ease. However, you should remove any towed vehicle before doing so.

Preparation Time

The Class A motorhome makes it very easy to just “get up and go.” In most situations, you can simply disconnect from any hookups at your current campground and pack up your belongings before heading out to your new destination. A fifth wheel requires lining up, removing the stabilizers, as well as a few other steps along the way.



Many families buying an RV want to vacation and explore new areas of the country. If you are a fan of taking in the scenery along the way, you’ll enjoy the world-class view of the large windshield of a motorhome. Although many fifth wheels now offer a bay window, it simply cannot beat enjoying breathtaking views throughout the journey. A motorhome makes the travel much more enjoyable.


Although it is undoubtedly safer for all passengers to remain buckled and seated throughout the journey, many families enjoy that they can run to the bathroom if they need to, or grab a quick snack from the fridge without taking time off of the road. Additionally, there is no need to shift people, pets, and items from the cab of a vehicle into the living accommodations.

Seating for Everyone

Although a fifth wheel typically has more square footage of living space once the slides are out, motorhomes have more while on the road. Additionally, if you have a larger family, you may want to consider if your tow vehicle can actually hold the whole family comfortably throughout your travel. Most tow vehicles conveniently buckle-in five family members or six in a squeeze. A motorhome will keep everyone, but also offers enough room to put toy boxes, snacks, and other necessities within reach. Additionally, if you travel with pets, motorhomes provide more room for your pets to move around, rather than walking across laps.


It is more difficult to steal a locked up motorhome than it is for someone to hook up a fifth wheel and drive away with it. However, the more commonly stolen item is the portable generator often used by fifth wheels. Motorhomes have built-in generators, making them much more difficult for someone to take.

Test Drive a Motorhome or Fifth Wheel

Before making your final decision and buying an RV, it is essential to test drive your RV options. Schedule a test drive at Utah’s most trusted RV dealership today. The experts at Recreation RV Sales are here to help you narrow down your options and find something that suits your needs without breaking the bank. Check out our pre-owned RV inventory then call us today at 801-572-0525.

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