15 Tools for Your RV Toolkit | RV Service Center

15 Tools for Your RV Toolkit | RV Service Center

With limited RV space, it can be hard to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Anyone that has owned or even rented their own home understands that inevitably things are going to wear out, need replacement or brak. Murphy’s Law dictates that it will also almost always when you least expect it or need it. Therefore, having an RV toolkit is an essential part of the cargo. So, what can you put in your toolbox to maximize your space and be ready for what might come your way? Let us go over a few things to keep in your RV toolkit that can help provide a little peace of mind:

RV Toolkit Essential #1: A Good Flashlight

Person walking with a high quality flashlight at night.

Experienced RVers always have a good, reliable flashlight. They can be easily worn on a belt or in a pocket for quick access. A flashlight comes in handy when looking in small crevices, underneath the hood, or walking around the campsite. A good flashlight is worth its weight in gold, so if you can, try not to skimp here – you’ll thank yourself later. 

#2 to Put in Your RV Toolbox: A Pocket Knife

RV Toolkit tool, a pocketknife with several tools on it from a bottle opener to a set of scissors.

A pocket knife is another tool that can easily be carried in your pocket and doesn’t take up much space and is useful. In fact, many people carry one in their pocket regularly, even if they aren’t on an RV. You’ll never know when you’ll need to open a box, cut a wire, or dig something out of a tire. I’ll even work as a makeshift screwdriver in a pinch. Which brings us to #3. 

#3 to Put in Your Motorhome Tool Kit: A Multi-Bit Screwdriver

One RV tool that is good for emergencies is a multi-bit screwdriver.

A multi-bit screwdriver is probably your next best friend. You want to make sure you have a flat head, a Phillips head, and square drive bits to offer the most versatility. Having them all in one in the multi-bit screwdriver saves you have three tools, which reduces the space you take up. Bonus points if you get one with a magnetic tip. If you have room, add in a power drill. It will also go along way to save you some hassle.

RV Tool Set Essential #4: A Hammer

A traditional black handled light duty claw hammer.

Having a hammer is, of course, important for many reasons. Besides hammering things in, it can be used to pry, knock things loose or bend things back into shape. A traditional light-duty claw hammer will do the trick in most situations. 

RV Emergency Kit Tool #5: Duct Tape

A close up of silver duct tape.

If you accidentally hammer something broken, having duct tape at your disposal is always handy. There are hundreds of uses for duct tape outside of taping. Some of our most common applications are:

  • Fixing a tent or air mattress;
  • Patching a hose;
  • Removing splinters;
  • Make a clothesline;
  • Temporarily mending siding, screens or windows. 

If you’re incredibly talented, you can even make wallets out of it, therefore easing boredom on a rainy day in the RV. Never leave home without a roll of duct tape.

RV Toolkit Item #6: A Tire Pressure Guage

Tire pressure gauge

RVs are notorious for blowing out tires, so investing in a good tire pressure gauge is highly recommended. Be sure to check your pressures often to avoid a blowout.

#7 Most Important to Put in Your RV Toolbox: A Plier Set

Picture of used red handled plier set

Several types of pliers can come in handy for multiple purposes while traveling. Needle nose can get into small areas, tongue and groove pliers can provide gripping onto larger items. Vise grips help to hold things in place and can also double as a vise if needed.

RV Emergency Toolkit #8: An Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrench

Getting a small, medium, and large adjustable wrench can replace a whole set of metric wrenches. This will not only save space but weight! For all of those rowdy nuts and bolts, you can have a socket and ratchet set. Having a set of metric wrenches as well as a set of Allen wrenches should complete the wrenches part of your tool kit. These tools are essential to fixing all kinds of repairs on an RV.

Wire Cutters are #9 in Your Motorhome Tool Set

Black Handled wire cutters

Wire cutters are not only great for cutting wire, but also zip ties. You should also have some zip ties in your RV because they are a quick and easy way to fix things in a pinch. Having different sizes is also beneficial, we recommend 6, 8, and 12-inch lengths.

#10, #11, and #12 For Your RV Tool Kit: Level, Tape Measure, & Utility Knife

Yellow measuring tape

You can find a small and inexpensive level to add to your tool kit, this will make leveling your RV a tad easier every time you park. A tape measure is also handy to have to measure tight spaces, not just to fit your RV into, but to fit things into your RV. Bring along a utility knife with extra blades, too. Using a utility knife whenever possible will save the wear and tear on your pocket knife. These items don’t take up much space or weight but can help make RV life more manageable.

RV Toolkit #13: A Multimeter 


With all the electronic gadgets on an RV, it is always a good idea to have a multimeter onboard. Between all of the batteries, solar panels, generators, converters, inverters, etc., a multimeter can help track down an electrical issue faster. 

Best Items to Have in Your Motorhome Toolbox #14: Thread Seal

And for plumbing or water hook-up issues, always have a roll or two of thread seal tape at your fingertips. Also known as plumber’s tape or PTFE, thread seal helps to prevent any water leaks at joint connections. It’s useful everywhere, from water lines to showerheads!

Don’t Leave Home Without Leather Work Gloves in your RV Toolkit

Leather RV work gloves

Having a good pair of leather work gloves for all the little jobs, you will be doing and will save your hands a ton of wear and tear.

Don’t have an RV Tool? Ask to Borrow It! 

If you’re stuck and you need a tool that you don’t have, you can always borrow one. Check with fellow campers before you go out and purchase it. It will be a great way to make new friends. If they don’t have it, try the local stores to see if you can rent a tool before you purchase. Many auto parts stores will let you do this, saving you time and space in your motorhome or fifth wheel. 

Get Checked by an RV Service Center Before You Go

It’s always a good idea to have a well-stocked RV toolkit before you set out on your next big adventure. Before you head out, be sure to stop and visit your local Utah RV service center to reduce the chance of any incidents. Recreation RV Sales is well-known for quality, factory-certified, repair service, as well as a selection of parts for your motorhome, fifth wheel, or recreational vehicle. Schedule an RV inspection with our service center today by calling 801-571-6439. 

How to Make Money Traveling | Utah RV Dealer

How to Make Money Traveling | Utah RV Dealer
Image of RVs by the coast with text "How to Make Money While Living in an RV" for How to Make Money Traveling Blog

Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling the country, free of the confines of a mortgage and a brick-and-mortar office? As RVers, we look forward to camping season, but the time away is just never long enough. We often stare longingly out the office window, just waiting for the next weekend RV trip. We dream about all the places we want to go, make bucket lists, and wonder, “How do these families and people travel full time?” “How do they fund this grand adventure?” Let’s discuss the possibilities of how to make money traveling

Funding Your RV Living Dream

Motorhome driving on a sunny day with bikes on the back headed toward a lake.

If you’re good at something, you could probably make a living with it on the road, especially with technology and internet capabilities these days. You could relatively effortlessly fund a full-time RV life. Start by projecting what it would cost to live on the road, and how much money you need to make. Then look at this long list of possibilities to see if there is something that might fit your skillset. If it isn’t already listed, create something of your own. RV living is all about living the best life possible and following your dreams, whatever that looks like to you! Don’t squander the opportunity by doing something you don’t like. 

Using Your Degree to Become a Fulltime Family

Motorhome driving on the road with a California license plate with trees in the background.

Do you already have a degree that you spent years of your life earning? Do you want to make a living using that expertise? If you want to live a life on the road, this may be a perfect time to start your own business. Lawyers and accountants often work remotely. Using your experience and knowledge to be a business consultant, or perhaps becoming a bookkeeper and working with a few dedicated clients are just 2 paths you can take. Even if you had to meet with clients in person occasionally, you could travel to those meetings. Spice it up by finding clients in unique destinations as a sort of fun adventure on its own. Most of the work can be done on the phone or over the internet. 

Find Out How to Make Money Traveling

Motorhome by a lake surrounded by lots of tall green trees.

Several freelance jobs fit very well with a nomadic lifestyle. Try a few of these options on for size to discover how to make money while traveling:

Create your own website or blog; perhaps you can write about your travels. 

You can be a virtual tutor, provide lessons for homeschoolers, or teach English to children in China. 

Become a freelance writer, virtual assistant, or if you have skills as a graphic designer, become a website designer, or design stationery. 

Being a photographer is a mobile position. You could market yourself as a destination photographer and travel wherever the clients take you. 

Are you an artist, painter, sculptor, or jewelry maker. Find your inspiration by searching for different arts and crafts fairs around the country. Make the art you love while traveling to exotic destinations.

Travel-Friendly Temp Jobs Can Fund Your Fulltime RV Living, Too

Motorhome driving on the road surrounded by tall yellow Aspens.

Let us not forget about temporary jobs. Campgrounds often have job boards or offer free stays to people who work for the campgrounds. If you find a destination you love and want to hang around a while longer, check into local hospitality businesses for a position. Restaurants, hotels/motels, hostels, retail stores, call centers, and gas stations often offer short-term jobs. 

Are you good with your hands? Construction, farming, and landscaping are great outdoor options to enjoy the scenery of your destination. These are labor-intensive options that require some skill but pay decently. Are you wondering where to find these positions? Networking with local people is the best way to find temporary work. When brainstorming about how to make money traveling, many people often find that they can do the same thing on the road that they would at a permanent residence.

Short Term Rentals or Long Term Rentals

Utah RV traveling in southern Utah under one of the countless arches.

Passive income is another way to fund your RV living. Do you own your home? What about your car? Through vacation rental businesses such as VRBO.com and Airbnb, you can rent out your home or your vehicle. Put your home up for rent and use the monthly income to fund your RV dream! This option works exceptionally well if you own your home free-and-clear! 

Travel Where the Wi-Fi is Weak

A person sitting on a motorhome just after sunset with a flashlight looking up at the stars.

All this work requires is time and effort, a little creativity, and the internet. The internet can sometimes cause a problem with RVers, since some destinations are remote. Cell phone hot spots are a great way to combat internet issues. The good news is, if you don’t get cell phone service somewhere, chances are you are too busy enjoying the scenery anyway. 

The possibilities of how to make a living while traveling are virtually endless. The key is to ask other RVers what they do and keep your ears peeled for opportunities. Don’t give up and remember: it’s about having fun, so enjoy your new-found freedom.

Looking for an RV for Sale? Try Your Local RV Dealer

Of course, to fully achieve fulltime RV living, you’ll need to find a motorhome or a fifth wheel that meets your needs. Be sure to stop by your Draper RV dealership to find a quality used RV for sale at a great price. At Recreation RV Sales & Service, we offer a great selection of pre-owned RV’s at a price that makes financing fulltime RV living even easier. Call us today at 801-572-0525 to schedule a test drive or check out our used RV inventory!

How Much do RV Repairs Cost?

How Much do RV Repairs Cost?

You’re considering a tiny house on wheels to embark on new and amazing adventures out on the open road! The possibilities are endless and so exciting! Just like with buying a traditional home where you’d want to have a realtor with a good and successful reputation, you’ll want to find a reputable RV dealer that cares about the condition of the RVs they’re selling. When buying an RV,  keep in mind the possibility of RV repairs. But don’t stress out; when you plan and budget for them, they’re no worse than the car or home maintenance that you’re already covering. You’ll soon forget your daily struggles and be driving off into the sunset on your grand adventure. 

Have an RV Repair Budget

Image of a used motorhome in front of Utah mountains, used for RV repair blog.

Anyone wanting to enjoy the RV life will want to have a budget for repairs beforehand, as it’s not a matter of if, but when repairs will need to be addressed. Any vehicle headed towards adventure will need regular maintenance checks done to keep all functions working safely and correctly.

Schedule Routine RV Maintenance

Man kneeling beside RV performing routine RV maintenance to outside of motorhome.

There’s always a possibility that something can happen, but with the scheduled timely maintenance we’re talking about, you should be able to keep most (not all, of course, but most) repair costs low.

The Cost of RV Repairs

Man performing motorhome maintenance to RV sink.

If something DOES comes up, the cost of repairs can vary widely based on multiple factors, including the severity of the repairs needed and if you are handy type individual and want to take on projects yourself, or if you’re better at driving than fixing and choose to take it to a shop or dealer to have the work done professionally. Repair shops may charge a hefty hourly rate for service, plus the price of parts, or you might sometimes find someone that moonlights for cheaper. Using specialized laborers can sometimes save money when it comes to items like cabinets, furniture, flooring, etc.  A dealer might charge the most, but often a reputable place will cover their work with a limited warranty.

Common RV Repairs

Man underneath RV performing tire care, presumably on the side of the road, with RV tires laying next to RV.

Some of the most common repairs avid RVer’s may see getting ready or on the road might be:

Tire blowouts: They can be scary out on the long, sometimes windy highways making it especially essential to check the status of your tires before and during each trip for wear and tear and also to ensure they are at the correct pressure.

Leaking and Water Damage: Dripping pipes, toilet, and wastewater issues can be taken care of quickly and inexpensively if monitored regularly but if leftover time can turn i to quite an expensive headache

Water repairs can be as simple as fixing the seals around pipes, windows, doors and on the roof, or turn into more significant projects like having to dismantle parts of your rig to clean out damaged areas properly. These types of repairs can be very costly, as water damage can lead to mold issues, so they must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly and aggressively. Regular care and maintenance of the roof and seals can save you a lot of hassles and headaches in the future.

Other Common Issues: Leaking propane tanks and furnaces (which can be dangerous –  keep up on regular preventative maintenance for these), and exterior damage from parking/driving. Most maintenance and repair incidents can be reasonably inexpensive when caught early enough

Proper RV Storage

Family enjoying an RV trip

Properly storing your RV and winterizing your RV is a must, so make sure you know the proper procedures. Storing your RV inside or under a UV protective cover is vital to protecting the roof and sealing during rough winter weather.

Visit Your Local Utah RV Service Center

Recreation RV Sales and Service in Draper Utah

So, in short, when you buy that RV, don’t be intimidated or let repair costs steal the joy of adventure from you. Plan and make sure your monthly budget includes repairs, maintenance, and storage. Spring is the perfect time to schedule your annual RV inspection with your local RV dealership for service you can trust. At Recreation RV Sales & Service, we pride ourselves on quality service at a price you can afford. Whether it’s scheduling your routine inspection or finding a used RV for sale, your adventure is our business! Call us today at  801-571-6439 to schedule your preseason RV inspection! 

Restaurant-themed RV Trip Ideas

Restaurant-themed RV Trip Ideas
Restaurants to add to your bucket list of RV trip ideas according to a Utah RV dealer

With the thousands of dining establishments and traveling frequently, it can be hard to decide where to have your next meal. Some people plan their trips around restaurants, making routes that hit specific places just for the food. So how are you to know which ones to pick from? We have talked about why winter RVing should be on your bucket list, now we are going to add restaurants you have to try before you die. Okay, so maybe that is a little over-the-top, but you get the point. Try these restaurant-themed RV trip ideas

Harvey Washburgers in College Station Texas is a place for you to do laundry and get a great burger! Add it to your RV trip ideas today!
Harvey Washburgers, College Station: Photo Credit: Yelp

Harvey Washburgers – College Station, TX

If you haven’t heard of Harvey Washburgers, then you need to give this place a chance. Where else can you do laundry and eat award-winning food? Located in College Station, TX, this establishment boasts 80 washers and dryers to take care of those dirty clothes, perfect for a family on the road in an RV. You can keep track of your load on their fancy washboard while you taste test one of their craft beers. Their food is delicious, their beer is cold, and the clothes are clean. It’s one of a kind experience.

Ninja New York is a ninja themed restaurant to add to your RV trip ideas
Ninja, New York: Photo Credit: TimeOut

Ninja – New York, New York

If you find yourself in New York, there are a couple of different places you must get to. First is Ninja, located at 25 Hudson Street. This is more than just dining, this is a whole ninja experience. Award-winning Japanese cuisine is served up by staff dressed as ninjas that entertain and amaze with tricks during the meal. The restaurant is decorated like an old ninja village. Upon entry, you have to choose between a dangerous and straightforward path. Good luck!

Daniel in New York New York is a great french restaurant that should be at the top of your RV trip ideas
Daniel, New York: Photo Credit: Open Table

Daniel – New York, New York

Daniel in New York is another must-see for your list of RV trip ideas. It may not have ninjas, but it is world-renowned for its French cuisine, ranked 20th in the world. The price tag is higher, but the service and food are fantastic. The servers heat the foie gras and prepare the sauce tableside. If you are going to try French cuisine, this is the place to have a genuine experience.

Pane & Vino in Miami, FL should be on your bucket list for RV trip ideas
Pane & Vino, Miami: Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Pane & Vino – Miami, FL

Located in Miami Beach, Florida is an Italian restaurant rated as one of the best in the country. Pane & Vino is known for its Tiramisu, so be sure to save room for dessert. It may be hard to do, though, for this place is also famous for it’s freshly made pasta. It’s reasonably priced, the wait staff is friendly, and there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options to cater to all diners.

SafeHouse in Milwaukee is a great spy themed restaurant  according to this Utah RV dealer
SafeHouse, Milwaukee: Photo Credit: OpenTable

SafeHouse – Milwaukee, WI

If you are out in the Midwest, give the SafeHouse in Milwaukee ago. This is a spy-themed restaurant so you can try out your super-sleuth skills. Just as a heads up, you will have to know the password to even get in. In operation since 1966, it is both family-friendly and offers fun for those 21 and up after 8pm. It’s wall to wall spy decor, secret entrances, and one of the nation’s best-kept secrets.

Bors Hede Inne in Carnation Washington makes one of the top of our RV trip ideas lists
Bors Hede Inne, Carnation: Photo Credit: 4 Culture

Bors Hede Inne – Carnation, WA

If you are looking for RV trip ideas out in the Northwest, stop in at the Bors Hede Inne, which is styled after a 14th-century village in rural England. The medieval menu is paired with an authentic theatre show. For just over an hour, music and stories will accompany this one-of-a-kind dining experience. Reservations are needed at this establishment located in Carnation, WA.

Opaque California is a restaurant where you eat in the dark and should definitely be on your RV trip ideas list
Opaque, Los Angeles: Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Opaque – Los Angeles, CA

For a completely unique dining experience, you need to try Opaque in Los Angeles. This restaurant only employs visually challenged and blind wait staff. Diners are blindfolded, and the rooms are dark. The food is served, and patrons are allowed to use their other senses to taste and enjoy the food. P.S. There is no menu.

This Utah RV Dealer recommends visiting the Tonga Room in San Francisco to add to the top of your RV trip ideas list
Tonga Room, San Francisco: Photo Credit: SFGate

Tonga Room – San Francisco, CA

Head up the coast after Opaque and check out the Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar, established in 1945 this restaurant has a Polynesian infused menu and eye-pleasing tropical decor. There is a floating stage, made of an old thatch-covered barge, where a band plays the top 40 hits. The epic dance floor there is made from a Schooner that used to travel to the South Sea Islands. The band even plays throughout intermittent tropical rainstorms complete with thunder and lightning. It has been named as one of the world’s hottest bars.

Dinner in the sky is a must on your RV trip ideas list - when it comes to the US
Dinner in the Sky, Worldwide: Photo Credit: Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky – Belgium

Dinner in the Sky and was created in Belgium. It is one of those places you may not want to try if you are afraid of heights, or maybe you want to overcome that fear and float above the city while you dine on gourmet food created by world-renowned chefs. A dinner table is suspended from a crane, and your food is cooked and served while you are hanging in midair. They are a traveling restaurant, serving destinations all over the world, so you have to check their website to book a table. They currently have tables in Malaysia, Mexico, and Dubai. Hopefully, they’ll come to the United States soon, so we can RV there!

Recreation RV is puts your fun first. If you need a used RV, an RV inspection, or an RV trip idea, Recreation RV has you covered.

Stop By Your Local RV Dealer

Whether you rate a restaurant based on food, experience, or a combination of both, we hope you get to see at least one of these unique and incredible dining experiences. Did your favorite restaurant make the cut? Let us know the restaurants that you always have to visit when you’re on the road! At Recreation RV, your fun is our business! Whether you’re looking for a used RV for sale, need an RV inspection, or need new RV trip ideas, we’ve got you covered! Call us today at 888-958-7848!

Reasons to Try Winter RVing | RV Dealer, UT

Reasons to Try Winter RVing | RV Dealer, UT

From warm summer breezes and bright spring flowers to picturesque fall foliage, there are so many reasons to get on the road to start a new adventure. Yet, did you know winter has it’s advantages, too? Often overlooked, winter tends to get the short end of the stick when it comes to RV travel. Think about it: can you imagine yourself driving down the road in your RV, staring across the snow-covered ground? Let’s discuss all of the reasons why you need to add winter RVing to your bucket list:

Reason #1: Snow Covered Scenery

Winter RVing is worth it because of all of the fantastic winter views

First of all, who can deny that there is a certain beauty to a landscape draped in newly fallen snow or the magic of falling snowflakes in a quiet forest? The world seems so much more peaceful during a snowfall. If you have never been in the woods when it snows, you’ll never understand why the sound of snowfall is often described as deafening (but, in a soothing, sound machine kind-of-way). Even the animals seem to be holding their breath as the flakes float to the ground. 

The dynamic landscape of mountains drenched in white is a sight to behold, but a winter RV trip also does not need to be spent in snow and ice. Many destinations have decent temperatures, even during the winter months. But, does that count as true winter RVing?

Winter RVing Reason #2: Mood Booster

Smile as big as this lady during the middle of a snowball fight while winter RVing

Reason two is there is no better way to fight the winter blues than getting out into nature. Combat those seasonal lows by hiking to a frozen waterfall, hitting the slopes, fishing on a frozen lake, or taking a snowmobile for a ride. There is a multitude of activities that can be done outside, and we guarantee that a little time outside throwing snowballs or building a snowman will help lift those spirits.

Reason #3 to RV in Winter: Off-Season Wins

Winter RV Camping by Used RV Dealership in Utah

The third reason for RVing in winter is that you can save money. Summer is always going to be a busy time for RV travel – the kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful, and life is just simpler. But, summer camping also comes with a higher price tag. The off-season is where everyone saves their money. Not only are campsites cheaper, but they are also easier to access and get the one you want. You also have the flexibility to stay an extra night or two or arrive earlier since most campgrounds do not fill up in the winter months.

With fewer travelers, that also means more peace and quiet. Imagine visiting your favorite parks without the crowds. If you are not a people person, this is defiantly an advantage. 

Reason #4: A Whole New World

Winter makes everything look different during Winter RVing

The amazing thing about nature is that it is in a constant change of flux. Winter RVing allows you to see your favorite places in a new light. The same waterfall looks different in each season, for example. It is fun to hike the same path at different times of the year and see how the seasons change the landscape. Water flow is greatly affected by the seasons, various plants and flowers are in bloom at different parts of the year, and wildlife is more or less abundant depending on the season. Plan to visit somewhere you have already been during the summer and see how it is different.

Winter RVing Benefit #5: No Creepy Crawlies

Mosquitoes are a huge problem in summer RVing. Try winter RVing to avoid the bugs.

Since the weather is cooler, there is one thing that is very beneficial to traveling in the winter, no bugs. No creepy crawlies. No flying pests. No ants marching away with your picnic. You can enjoy the outdoors without having to swat away pesky insects, spray a bunch of stinky repellents, or wash the remnants off the front of your RV. Wait, why isn’t this our top reason?

#6 Reason to RV in Winter: Romantic and Cozy

Winter RVing is the perfect time to snuggle up like this pup sleeping on a lap with a blanket.

Wintertime makes us want to curl up and get cozy and warm. With the options for RVs today, it is nearly effortless to be comfortable in your rig during the cold months. What better way to spend time with your loved ones. Take a refreshing winter hike and come back to a warm camper, a crockpot of soup, and a warm beverage. Added bonus: it will give you a reason to snuggle with your person (or your pet) even more.

Reason #7 for RVing in Winter

A warm campfire is one of our favorite reasons to enjoy Winter RVing.

Last, but never least, who can argue that colder weather makes for a better campfire? We wall all summer for cooler temperatures to gather around the fire pit. Campfires are just more impressive in the fall and winter because you can get up close, feel the coolness on your back, and the warmth on your front. Just how a campfire is supposed to feel. Plus, s’ mores are the essential campfire treat. Our favorite memories involve chocolate-covered smiles and sticky fingers and the pure laughter that goes right along with it. 

Start Your RV Dream at your Utah RV Dealership

Recreation-RV-Sales Draper Utah

RVing is about adventure, exploring, going places you never thought you would go. So start planning your winter route and knock winter RVing off your bucket list; you’ll be glad you did! 

If you’re anything like us, you daydream about all of your fun adventures long before you actually have the means to do it. When you’re ready to take your first big winter RV trip, be sure to stop by and visit your used RV dealer in Utah to get started! At Recreation RV, we pride ourselves on the quality and the cleanliness of our inventory, so you can travel with confidence. Be sure to check out our current inventory and call us at 888-958-7848 to schedule a test drive!

5 Top Romantic RV Destinations

5 Top Romantic RV Destinations

February is the month of love, thanks entirely to Valentine’s Day. But, you can find an excuse to take a romantic trip any day of the year! What a better way to celebrate each other than to take a quick getaway in your motorhome? Let’s explore some ideas to share this special day with the one you love, or even with a group of friends! After making sure your motorhome is ready for the trip with an RV inspection, try visiting one of our favorite romantic RV destinations: 

Romantic RV Destination #1: Napa Valley, California

Rolling hills like this make Napa Valley both a gorgeous and a romantic RV destination.

The most popular and widely known romantic getaway may be Napa Valley, CA. Who can argue with the stunning, rolling scenery coved in miles of serene vineyards as a romantic getaway for this Valentine’s Day? Even if wine isn’t your thing, there are countless other reasons to make the trip! Did you know that Napa is also the home to the Culinary Insitute of America? Take a cooking class, taste exotic olive oils, or paddle down the Napa River. The weather is perfect, and the people are eclectic. There are RV parks close by, so enjoy delicious food and wine pairing at one of the more than 400 local wineries – 95% of which are family-owned! 

Nearby RV parks: Napa Valley Expo RV Park; Tradewinds RV Park Of Vallejo; or Vineyard RV Park

Romantic RV Destination #2: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Whether its covered in snow or full of lush greenery, Jackson Hole is a top romantic RV destination.

Are you a couple who enjoys the throws of winter? Try a getaway to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Not only are there fantastic views, but you can also traverse the slopes together on skis or ride an exhilarating zip line course through the trees. After playing in the snow, immerse yourself in the local culture by relaxing at a local spa and dine at one of the many fine dining establishments. Cruise the active nightlife scene for a fun and memorable way to end your evening. There are several RV parks nearby, making it easy to enjoy this winter playground. Of course, you could always wait until the snow melts to enjoy this kind of scenery!

RV parks to try: Jackson Hole/ Snake River KOA, Kozy Campground, Jackson Hole Campground Fireside Resort

Romantic Destinations for RVs #3: Savannah, Georgia

Historic Savannah, Georgia, with it's picturesque Spanish moss-draped streets, is one of our favorite romantic RV destinations.

Go back to a simpler time by visiting historic Savannah, Georgia for a Valentine’s Day retreat. Take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through the picturesque streets past fountains, history-filled cemeteries, and charming, Spanish moss-draped streets. Stretch your legs by strolling down world-famous River Street, bike or hike down McQueen’s Island Trail, go surfing on Tybee Island, or kayak and camp to a deserted island. 

Places to RV: Red Gate Campground, CreekFire Motor Ranch, or Savannah Oaks RV Resort

RV Destination for Valentine’s Day #4: New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Quarter in New Orleans, LA is full of beautiful architecture like this, making it one of the most visited romantic RV destinations.

Do you like history, architecture, culture? New Orleans, LA, is the place for you! This place is thriving with personality. New Orleans boasts world-class restaurants galore, theaters, live music, and good old-fashioned southern charm. From the French Quarter to the “Greatest Free Show On Earth” – Mardis Gras – there is never a dull moment. Time your trip just right to enjoy the Jazz Festival, but, if you miss it, there is just about always a free festival going on. Spend your day leisurely enjoying the architecture then dance the night away together this Valentine’s Day. 

Nearby RV Parks: French Quarter RV Resort; Pontchartrain Landing, or Parc d’Orleans RV Park

Romantic RV Destination #5: The Beach, Florida

Miles and miles of sandy beaches and warm sunshine make Florida a romantic RV destination for many travelers.

Perhaps you are a beach-loving couple wanting something a little more special for Valentine’s. Consider one of the many romantic RV destinations in Florida: St. Augustine, Clearwater Beach, Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, or Naples, to name a few. The “love tree” is located near St. Augustine and offers good luck to those that kiss under its branches. Naples offers boat and fishing trips along the coast, along with diving excursions. Clearwater has been named one of the best beaches, Bayshore Boulevard has the “World’s Longest Sidewalk.” All locations offer amazing seafood, exciting entertainment, and nightlife aplenty. Of course, we can’t forget the miles and miles of soft, sandy beaches. Splash, laugh, and make memories this Valentine’s Day!

Visit Your Trusted Utah RV Service Center

Wherever you are, whoever you are with, no matter the personality — remember that Valentine’s Day is all about love. Whether you’re planning to visit one of these romantic RV destinations or you stay cuddled up inside the camper watching Netflix and eating popcorn, showing those we care about that we love them is the grandest of adventures. If you do decide to enjoy a quick trip, be sure to stop and visit your local RV service center to get a pre-trip RV inspection. Recreation RV offers a fast and comprehensive RV inspection so you can enjoy your trip with confidence. Call our service department today at 888-958-7848 to schedule your appointment!

RV Camping in the Smoky Mountains

RV Camping in the Smoky Mountains

Are you deciding where to go on your next RV camping trip? We huge fans of visiting our nation’s national parks. One favorite national park has to be the Great Smoky Mountains. Nestled in between North Carolina and Tennessee, this park has unbridled beauty. Dedicated in 1840 by Theodore Roosevelt, it was a national park that was different. The government didn’t own the land but had to buy it off from small farmers that lived there. It is comprised up of over 522,000 acres, with elevation ranging from 870 to up to 6,500 feet. It is the perfect place to take the RV and park for a while. There are plenty of campgrounds in the park as well as the surrounding areas, plus there is no shortage of activities to do, many of which are family-friendly. Find out more about RV camping in the Smoky Mountains:

The Great Smoky National Park is the perfect place for RV camping!
RV camping in the Smoky Mountains offers breathtaking views of overlooks and wildlife.

Where to Park Your RV

Are you looking for a place to park? Some favorite parks for RV camping in the Smoky Mountains include:

  •     Foothills RV Park & Cabins;
  •     Camp Riverslanding;
  •     Pine Mountain RV Park;
  •     Arrow Creek Campground; and
  •     Creekside RV Park.
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a favorite destination for autumn foliage.

Scenic Roads

Being in an RV, you must make sure to put at least one scenic drive on your to-do list. Great Smoky Mountains National Park has plenty to choose from! The Newfound Gap Road is a single road across the mountains beginning at the Sugarlands Welcome Center. Along this scenic drive, there are several pull-off points, known as overlooks or “bump-outs,” to take in the mountain air and breathtaking views. Another great option is Clingmans Dome, which intersects with Newfound Gap Road, and a must-see. It is the highest point in the entire park at the peak of 6,643 feet. On clear days you can see up to 100 miles around.

Elk and other wildlife are prevalent in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Elk are just some of the numerous wildlife in the area. The male elk (bucks) can reach up to 700lbs and can become aggressive (so, don’t try to get too close!) Cataloochie is well known for an abundance of elk in the area – you can even eat a picnic in the field with them!

RVs are not allowed on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, but don’t let that get you down. You can still tour Cades Cove Loop. While slowly cruising this road, people often see all different types of wildlife, including the local black bear. Keep in mind during peak visiting times, the drive can be slow going. So, pack a snack, some great music, and enjoy the ride!

Hiking is just one of the countless things to do while RV camping in the Smoky Mountains.
The Great Smoky Mountains have miles of hiking trails – more than 800 miles, actually!

Stretch Your Legs

While staying at one of the many different campgrounds, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers many outdoor activities. There is a never-ending list of:

  • Hiking;
  • Bike paths;
  • Waterfalls; 
  • Fishing; and 
  • White water rafting. 
Hiking, fishing, and white water rafting are just some of the activities you can enjoy while RV camping in the Smoky Mountains
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has more than 2,000 miles of streams!

Nearby Cities

The surrounding cities have entertainment, arts, food, and fun. Dollywood in Pigeon Forge is a favorite for kids. Sevierville and Gatlinburg also boast a great variety of attractions. After you’re done RV camping in the Smoky Mountains, stop by one of the several visitor centers to pick up maps and information.

Visit Your Local RV Dealer in Utah

As a reminder, whenever traveling in your RV, be sure it is in good running order, no repairs are needed, tires are at the correct pressure, and the gas tank is full. Be sure to stop and visit your favorite Utah RV Dealership for an inspection before you hit the road! Recreation RV Sales & Service is a family-owned used RV dealer in Draper, UT. We pride ourselves in delivering quick and reliable RV service and repairs at a price you can afford. Get your motorhome, fifth wheel, or camper adventure-ready today by calling 801-571-6439 for our service department!

RV Remodel Projects to Start During Winter

RV Remodel Projects to Start During Winter

Each winter, we drain our tanks and check our hoses to winterize our RV to keep it safe throughout frigid temperatures. This time of year is also perfect to start an RV project since most RV travel happens in the warmer months. This winter, start a small RV remodel project so that this spring, summer, and fall, you can be riding around in that new old camper of yours. Winter can be an excellent time to make simple changes to the inside of your camper. 

The inside of an used RV at a Utah RV Dealership

Feel the Power of an RV Remodel

One simple (but maybe not-so-fun) thing you can do is to add an inverter for 110v power. An inverter connects directly with the battery, giving you AC power, wherever you decide to install one. Although mundane, it can improve your travels immensely, especially if you have conventional gadgets and laptops to power.

Bathroom interior at a used RV dealership in Utah

Repair the Plumbing

Don’t wait for something to break, replace your plumbing. Since you will have drained all your tanks and pipes anyway for winter, why not take a few days to replace old, worn-out plumbing to avoid future headaches. You can always consult an RV service professional to help in this process.

RV Cabinet Upgrade featuring Modern RV Cabinets

Replace Your Cabinets

Are you tired of looking at the same cabinets? Are you ready to fix that door that’s been broken for two travel seasons? Winter is also a perfect time to replace your cabinets. You will have already cleaned out the cupboards for winter. Off months is the ideal time to redesign those cabinets to fit more things with easier access. A cabinet upgrade is an opportunity for you to maximize your storage space while also improving your RV’s appearance. You can find RV furniture and other parts at your local RV Dealer and at most home improvement stores. 

Summer is Coming

A couple of other small but significant things to do during your RV remodel this winter are: add an interior fan and digital thermostat. Both of these can help control the temperature in your RV, especially during those hot summer months.

RV Interior of a RV for Sale at Utah RV Dealer

Painting and RV Remodel

Winter may not seem like the perfect time to paint, but in all actuality, winter is actually drier than summer months; thus, paint can dry faster. Add a new coat of paint to the interior or even the exterior of your RV (provided it isn’t covered in snow). Many campers come with wallpaper that can either be replaced or painted over. While you’re at it, flooring can also be swapped out for something newer. It’s incredible what new carpet can do for your small home away from home.

Freshen Up the Interior Decorating

Some decorating ideas for the wintertime can be to make new curtains for your RV, reupholster the furniture, or add/ recover throw pillows. You can even replace your old fold-out couch or exchange the RV dining table for a regular table and chairs to add a homier look to your camper. Some people also like to install a porcelain toilet to give it that extra feeling of home.

Modern interior available at a Used RV Dealership in Draper

Contact Your Utah RV Dealership

Don’t let the winter get you down, you can soon be on the road in your renovated RV, exploring and conquering new adventures. If you need help during your RV remodel project with the RV service or repair or are looking for RV parts and accessories, be sure to stop by and see Recreation RV Sales today! We have a selection of RV parts to help you in your next RV DIY project (but we are also on standby, should you need some help!) Call our RV service department today at 801-571-6439 to find out if we have that part you need!

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