RV Remodel Projects to Start During Winter

RV Remodel Projects to Start During Winter

Each winter, we drain our tanks and check our hoses to winterize our RV to keep it safe throughout frigid temperatures. This time of year is also perfect to start an RV project since most RV travel happens in the warmer months. This winter, start a small RV remodel project so that this spring, summer, and fall, you can be riding around in that new old camper of yours. Winter can be an excellent time to make simple changes to the inside of your camper. 

The inside of an used RV at a Utah RV Dealership

Feel the Power of an RV Remodel

One simple (but maybe not-so-fun) thing you can do is to add an inverter for 110v power. An inverter connects directly with the battery, giving you AC power, wherever you decide to install one. Although mundane, it can improve your travels immensely, especially if you have conventional gadgets and laptops to power.

Bathroom interior at a used RV dealership in Utah

Repair the Plumbing

Don’t wait for something to break, replace your plumbing. Since you will have drained all your tanks and pipes anyway for winter, why not take a few days to replace old, worn-out plumbing to avoid future headaches. You can always consult an RV service professional to help in this process.

RV Cabinet Upgrade featuring Modern RV Cabinets

Replace Your Cabinets

Are you tired of looking at the same cabinets? Are you ready to fix that door that’s been broken for two travel seasons? Winter is also a perfect time to replace your cabinets. You will have already cleaned out the cupboards for winter. Off months is the ideal time to redesign those cabinets to fit more things with easier access. A cabinet upgrade is an opportunity for you to maximize your storage space while also improving your RV’s appearance. You can find RV furniture and other parts at your local RV Dealer and at most home improvement stores. 

Summer is Coming

A couple of other small but significant things to do during your RV remodel this winter are: add an interior fan and digital thermostat. Both of these can help control the temperature in your RV, especially during those hot summer months.

RV Interior of a RV for Sale at Utah RV Dealer

Painting and RV Remodel

Winter may not seem like the perfect time to paint, but in all actuality, winter is actually drier than summer months; thus, paint can dry faster. Add a new coat of paint to the interior or even the exterior of your RV (provided it isn’t covered in snow). Many campers come with wallpaper that can either be replaced or painted over. While you’re at it, flooring can also be swapped out for something newer. It’s incredible what new carpet can do for your small home away from home.

Freshen Up the Interior Decorating

Some decorating ideas for the wintertime can be to make new curtains for your RV, reupholster the furniture, or add/ recover throw pillows. You can even replace your old fold-out couch or exchange the RV dining table for a regular table and chairs to add a homier look to your camper. Some people also like to install a porcelain toilet to give it that extra feeling of home.

Modern interior available at a Used RV Dealership in Draper

Contact Your Utah RV Dealership

Don’t let the winter get you down, you can soon be on the road in your renovated RV, exploring and conquering new adventures. If you need help during your RV remodel project with the RV service or repair or are looking for RV parts and accessories, be sure to stop by and see Recreation RV Sales today! We have a selection of RV parts to help you in your next RV DIY project (but we are also on standby, should you need some help!) Call our RV service department today at 801-571-6439 to find out if we have that part you need!

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