RVing During the Holidays

Utah RV Dealer Recreation RV Sales Explains how RVers Do Christmas

These days, people are escaping the typical traditions that surround the holidays. They are branching out and starting their own traditions or even doing something new, like visiting an exotic location. Some families decide to drop the brick and mortar home altogether and adopt a more nomadic lifestyle and live full time in an RV. This can seem like a dream come true to those of us solid footers who dream of the freedom of travel. But, is RVing during the holidays really as dreamy as it sounds?

So many of us are rooted in our own holiday traditions that it is odd to think of celebrating out on the road instead of at home with family. How does that all work? How do you do a tree and gifts, and what about decorating?

Decorating the Home

A Utah RV Dealership shows how RVers decorate for the holidays.
Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you have to be less festive!

Come to find out there are many ways that RVers enjoy the holidays. One thing is for sure; they still decorate. Instead of a stationary house, they have a moving home. Full-time RVers still like to adorn their abodes both inside and out. The decor maybe a little more simplified and smaller in scale, but the great thing is that the smaller the space, the less time to put up and down.

Live Christmas Trees

A used RV dealer in Utah creates a comic of a family enjoying an outdoor Christmas tree and the man saying, "This sure beats sitting indoors, with a fire going."
Well said, my friend. Well said.

Don’t worry, RVing during the holidays does not mean skimping on a tree, either. Did you know, many parks will even let you chop down your own live Christmas tree? Or, how about decorating a natural tree near the RV park space? Celebrate around a tree that gets to continue to grow year after year! You could even plan to come back and decorate the same tree next year!

Intentional Gifting

Frivolous gifts are often more of a hassle for RVers, rather than a joy. Give intentional gifts to those RVing during the holidays.
Small, intentional gifts that mean something are on all RVers wish lists!

Frivolous gifts can be an issue since there isn’t as much space to hide and store gifts. Yet, this could be a park: limited space only encourages creativity and sincerity. The items that are given will be more intentional, thoughtful gifts. Making gifts or purchasing along the journey are two ways that RVers can be creative in their gift-giving.

Christmas Around the Country

RVing during the holidays doesn't mean you have to stop decorating. A Utah RV dealer shows two angels in the windshield of a motorhome.
Christmas decorations in a front window of a motorhome in Arizona – where the temperature is typically sunny and warm!

Being in an RV means going wherever you want, including for Christmas, who says you can’t go somewhere tropical? Why not wait for Santa out on the beach in Florida or California? Everyone assumes the holidays are to be spent somewhere cold and snowy. Go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains, hike the dunes in the desert, or travel the coastline in search of the perfect wine. Give yourself and your family an adventure for Christmas.

The Road Isn’t Lonely

Making new friends on the road are some of the best reasons to go RVing during the holidays! An RV dealer in Utah shows a man holding up a Christmas wreath surrounded by snow.
Just think, you can make all sorts of friends on the road! Even this character!

You’ll never be alone on Christmas, or at least it is improbable. The great thing about RV parks is that there are other people. Use the holidays as an excuse to get out and meet other people in search of the same new traditions as you. Invite the park to a potluck holiday meal, or campfire with s’ mores. A fantastic way to get in the holiday spirit is to go and sing Christmas carols to the other travelers, inviting them to come along with you. People in the RV lifestyle are typically friendly and adventurous. Your holiday dinner can be spent swapping stories with your neighbors and possibly creating lifelong friendships. It’s actually very common that you run into the same family again in the future – entirely by coincidence (but, you can plan it if you want!)

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Your Utah RV Dealership

A small ornament of a VW style bus with a Christmas tree on top!
Whether you’re into the old-school bus or a relatively new Class C motorhome, we love watching your travels! Be sure to follow us on social media and share your adventure!

RVing during the holidays isn’t as different as one might think. RVers still partake in the holiday classic traditions, like baking cookies and watching movies. They go to Christmas Eve services or visit a live nativity. Some even give back by volunteering to help the needy. Holidays in the RV are very similar to holidays at home – except with the optional change of scenery!

Whatever you do this holiday season, don’t be afraid to pack up the RV and get on your way to a new and fun destination. If you need any RV service or repair or are looking for a used RV dealer in Utah, stop and visit us here at Recreation RV. Stop by and see us here in Draper, or call to schedule a test drive of one of our current vehicles in our used RV inventory, find out if we have an RV part or schedule repair or maintenance at 801-572-0525.

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