Our Favorite 2019 RV Halloween Decorations

Our Favorite 2019 RV Halloween Decorations
Get inspired with this list of our favorite RV and camper Halloween decorations to use at RV parks, campgrounds and more!

Halloween is right around the corner! Just because you’re adventuring this year doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with the spooky decorations. If you’re like us, you go all-out at home. This year, take Halloween to the next level with this list of RV Halloween decorations and ideas. 

Use Lighting for Your RV Halloween Decorations

Lighting is vital to create the perfect atmosphere at any RV campground. How many times have you seen those beautiful bulbed lights tied around trees and round patios? The great thing about lamps, lanterns, and other decorative lighting is that they are both beautiful and functional, helping to light up the ground to avoid injuries and other dangers. 

This Halloween, swap out the everyday lighting for spooky-themed lights. Although you have a wide variety of places to shop, we’ve found these Crazy Eyeball Party String Lights from Oogalights.com that may be just the thing you’re looking for. This store has a lot of lighting options for you to choose from. 

Decorate your RV with Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns

Nothing quite gets our family in the mood for trick-or-treating like carving out a Jack-o-Lantern. Sometimes though, we don’t feel like getting the RV covered in “pumpkin guts” (or we run out of time). Those years, we will opt to paint our pumpkin instead! 

Besides roasting the pumpkin seeds, our favorite part about the Jack-o-Lanterns is that we get to let our creativity run wild. Everyone gets their own pumpkin and makes them as spooky or silly as they would like! We’ve even seen some people this year opting to use WATERMELONS! 

Need to boost the spook-factor on your pumpkin this year, try adding some dry ice inside! Try this neat dry ice trick from ThoughtCo.com. 

Fill Your Windows with Creepy Cutouts (and Turn on the Lights)

If you’re looking for a fun project for the family, pick up a poster board or two and cut out creepy shapes; think skeletons, cats, witches on brooms, etc. Using double-sided tape, fix the cutout to the window, with a semi-sheer, light-colored curtain behind it. Then all you have to is wait for the sun to go down. 

After dark, flip on the RV or camper lights and run outside for a spooky surprise! Your cutout will show in the window like a shadow! 

You can get as creative as you want with this! Running out of time? Most stores have fun cutouts available on their Halloween aisles.

Decorate the Yard with Halloween Decorations

Have some elbow room at your campground? Consider putting out yard decorations! Theme your display or add a haunted house to have a frightening effect. Try these crowd favorites: 

  • Haunted pirate ship; 
  • Eerie graveyard; 
  • Homicide investigation; or
  • Abandoned RV. 

Visit your Favorite Family Utah RV Dealership

Did you decorate your RV this Halloween? What RV Halloween decorations did you use? Share a picture with us below! We want to see it! 

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