Driving an RV and Tricks the Pros Use

Driving an RV and Tricks the Pros Use

When driving an RV on a crowded highway in the middle of a big city, you become acutely aware of the importance of maneuvering your vehicle proficiently. One wrong move can seriously put a damper on your vacation. Along with driving safely, you should also learn the signals used by truck drivers across the country. Sure, we all dream of having wide open roads filled with breathtaking views, but inevitably, there will be other vehicles on the road, both larger and smaller than you. Learning roadway etiquette and signals now will improve driving safety and enjoyability later. 

Be Aware of Other Drivers

Just about the only thing bigger than an RV on the road is a semi-truck. Although you are more likely to be seen than a smaller vehicle, semis still have a significant number of blind spots (as do you.) No matter how courteous, blind spots still exist for each of us. Help reduce the potential for an accident by remembering these safety measures:

  • Maintaining a safe stopping distance;
  • Pass quickly; and
  • Share the space on the road.

Understanding and Using Trucker Signals

Although they frequently talk to each other using CB radios, truck drivers, and occasionally other drivers, will “talk” to other drivers using the lights on their vehicle. You may or may not have ever noticed it, but now that you are aware, you will see it more frequently. Watch closely for these signals the next time you are on a road trip, or try them yourself:

  • Headlights flash twice from oncoming traffic: A police speed trap is ahead; 
  • More than two headlight flashes from oncoming traffic: Danger or debris in the road, slow down;
  • Headlights flash from the lane you’re trying to merge into: You’re clear to move over and have enough room;
  • Left blinker behind you in passing lane: Please move over;
  • Two gentle taps of breaks from the car in front of you: Thank you;
  • Short flashing hazard/trailer lights: Thank you; and
  • Flashing hazard/trailer lights: Slow/ stopped traffic ahead due to poor weather or construction. 

Creating an Enjoyable Family Road Trip is Our Goal!

Although driving an RV is very much like driving any other vehicle, you must remember that you are significantly larger than many of your fellow drivers. Use these tips and tricks to help you and your family stay safe on your next vacation. Your dream vacation is our business! As Utah’s most-trusted RV dealership, our team is trained to help answer your questions and help you find the right vehicle for your trip. Stop by and see Recreation RV Sales today or call us at 888-958-7848. Check out our current pre-used RV inventory to find the RV that is right for you!


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