Fulltime RV Living: Is it Worth it?

Fulltime RV Living: Is it Worth it?

The benefits of fulltime RV living have long been proclaimed by people of all walks of life. Those with adventurous souls enjoy the freedom to travel from destination to destination on a whim, with little-to-no advanced planning. Even devout Dave Ramsey followers will remember the story of the couple that lived in an RV to save money and pay off debt so they could eventually buy a home together. You don’t have to be a modern-day gypsy or on a tight budget to crave the benefits of fulltime RV living. If you’re wondering if the sacrifices of space and stability are worth it, we can help you decide:

Unbeatable Views From Your RV

One thing is for sure, your permanent brick-and-mortar home is not easy to transport, making it a permanent fixture of wherever it was built. Your view is the same, day-in and day-out, regardless of if that is oceanfront property or the back of a boring shopping center. If you want really spectacular permanent views, that will cost you a pretty penny; a price many are willing to pay, even if it is out of the budget.

Alternatively, consider that an RV can take you places that you can’t even stay in a hotel. Want to camp on the beaches of Texas? Pull right up to the surf in South Padre Island, rather than back where the waves are sure to miss the hotel. What about watching a spectacular sunrise or sunset from the rim of the Grand Canyon? Simply pull your RV up for a view to remember for a lifetime.

Fulltime RV Teaches “Less is More”

In a traditional home, you begin to accumulate “stuff.” If a wall feels empty, you’ll go shopping to find a table or a piece of artwork to fill the space. You’ll want to buy furniture to eat on so you can entertain guests and feel comfortable after a long day of work.

An RV allows you to focus more on creating connections and enjoying experiences rather than on filling your home. Your RV is typically equipped with just about everything you need regarding furniture. Fill it with only a few necessities and away you go! No need to overfill and overthink because you will be too busy enjoying the great outdoors and new destinations. You’ll easily make life-long friends with others at RV parks and campgrounds, many of whom share the same lifestyle. You simply won’t want to lounge on the couch and binge-watch the latest television series.

Financial Stability with an RV

If you do not have a mortgage or monthly rent payment, how easy would it be to pay off your RV in-full over a short period? You don’t have the nagging utility bills, either.  Most people can pay off their RV within the first few years, but RV mortgages are typically longer terms. Many lenders even offer 20-year payoffs! Fulltime families love the financial freedoms afforded to them by their lifestyle.

However, keep in mind that no two experiences are exactly alike. Your RV experience will cost as much or as little as you like. If you change destinations every day and eat out for every meal, in addition to activities and excursions, you likely won’t save much. For optimum savings, try month-long rentals and make mostly homemade meals.

Financing Your RV for Fulltime Living

Are you still curious about a fulltime or parttime RV living? Ask a friendly professional at Utah’s favorite RV dealership, Recreation RV Sales. Our team of RV experts is specially trained to assess your needs and help find you the right fifth wheel or motorhome to suit your needs. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns. Check out our current RVs for sale in our inventory then call us today at 801-572-0525 to schedule your test drive. We also proudly offer secure RV financing options to help turn your fulltime RV dream into a reality.


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