Lingo to Know Before Buying an RV

Lingo to Know Before Buying an RV

If you are buying an RV in northern Utah, there are a few tips and tricks you should know. There is nothing worse than walking into unfamiliar territory with little-to-no knowledge of the products, jargon, or services offered. Unfortunately, your unfamiliarity at some RV dealerships can cost you more in the long run. Using the right words can give the impression that you know more about the industry than maybe you actually do, thus making you less of a target for dishonest salespeople. Protect yourself with this insider lingo before ever leaving your driveway:

Camping Style

“Boondocking”: Also known as “dry camping”; refers to using your RV without any electricity, sewage, or water hook-ups. You depend mostly on the RV battery and the freshwater supply.

Full Hookup: A campsite offering full-service amenities, including electricity, sewage, and water hook-ups.

Extended Stay Site: A camping location allowing longer stays.

Vehicles and Towing

RV: Recreational vehicle that has both transportation and temporary living areas; also known as a “rig.”

Class A Motorhome: Large self-contained vehicle, ranging from 22 feet to 45 feet long; can include all of the amenities if preferred. Typically this is the most luxurious option.

Class B Motorhome:  A smaller self-contained vehicle, built on a van chassis.

Class C Motorhome: Another self-contained vehicle, typically built on a van or a truck chassis, but can be as luxurious as the Class A Motorhome.

Fifth Wheel: Also known as a “fiver”; the Fifth Wheel is a larger-sized unit that attaches into a fifth wheel hitch, located inside the bed of a pickup truck; has the most living space.

Travel Trailer: These trailers range anywhere from 9 feet to 40 feet long and can be towed even by an SUV, size permitting.

Pop-Up Trailer: These are the least expensive RV type; it is essentially a pop-up tent that can be easily towed by a smaller vehicle.

Dinghy or Toad: The extra vehicle towed behind the motor home.

Puller: A motorhome with the diesel engine at the front of the vehicle.

Pusher: A home with the diesel engine at the back of the vehicle.

Parts List

Backup Monitor: The backup camera used to help you back up your vehicle, but can also help you monitor rear view traffic.

Chassis: The metal frame that is supporting the home.

Cockpit: The area holding the driver’s seat and passenger seat.

Basement: The storage space under the floor of the home accessible from the outside. Typically a basement is found in a Class A or a Class C home.

Galley: The kitchen area.

Black Water Tank: The tank that holds the water and waste from the toilet.

Gray Water Tank: The tank that holds the water and waste from the sinks and showers.

Fresh Water Tank: The tank that holds the fresh water to be used in the sinks, showers, and toilet.

Dual Electrical System: RV that can operate lights and appliances off of the battery, or use the hookups at the campsite.

Genset: The electric generator.

Slideout: Portion of the home that expands out, giving you more room inside.

Weight Terminology

Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): An amount predetermined by the manufacturer; the maximum load weight allowed for both the trailer and the tow vehicle, including everything on board.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): An amount set by the manufacturer; the maximum load weight allowed for the vehicle, including everything inside.

Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): The weight of the RV without anything inside; also known as dry weight.

Cargo Weight: The weight of the gear and items on board the RV.

Ask an Industry Leader

Choose a few terms from this list the next time you are at a dealership to help you sound like a professional when you are buying an RV. If you would rather talk to a dealership that will help you not only understand the terminology but will also help you get the best deal on the market, a Utah RV dealer can help. The reliable and courteous professionals at Recreation RV Sales want to help you create memories that will last a lifetime, and not overspend doing it. Our business is to help you have more fun in life. Find out how we can help you by calling our office today at 801-572-0525.

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