Restaurant-themed RV Trip Ideas

Restaurants to add to your bucket list of RV trip ideas according to a Utah RV dealer

With the thousands of dining establishments and traveling frequently, it can be hard to decide where to have your next meal. Some people plan their trips around restaurants, making routes that hit specific places just for the food. So how are you to know which ones to pick from? We have talked about why winter RVing should be on your bucket list, now we are going to add restaurants you have to try before you die. Okay, so maybe that is a little over-the-top, but you get the point. Try these restaurant-themed RV trip ideas

Harvey Washburgers in College Station Texas is a place for you to do laundry and get a great burger! Add it to your RV trip ideas today!
Harvey Washburgers, College Station: Photo Credit: Yelp

Harvey Washburgers – College Station, TX

If you haven’t heard of Harvey Washburgers, then you need to give this place a chance. Where else can you do laundry and eat award-winning food? Located in College Station, TX, this establishment boasts 80 washers and dryers to take care of those dirty clothes, perfect for a family on the road in an RV. You can keep track of your load on their fancy washboard while you taste test one of their craft beers. Their food is delicious, their beer is cold, and the clothes are clean. It’s one of a kind experience.

Ninja New York is a ninja themed restaurant to add to your RV trip ideas
Ninja, New York: Photo Credit: TimeOut

Ninja – New York, New York

If you find yourself in New York, there are a couple of different places you must get to. First is Ninja, located at 25 Hudson Street. This is more than just dining, this is a whole ninja experience. Award-winning Japanese cuisine is served up by staff dressed as ninjas that entertain and amaze with tricks during the meal. The restaurant is decorated like an old ninja village. Upon entry, you have to choose between a dangerous and straightforward path. Good luck!

Daniel in New York New York is a great french restaurant that should be at the top of your RV trip ideas
Daniel, New York: Photo Credit: Open Table

Daniel – New York, New York

Daniel in New York is another must-see for your list of RV trip ideas. It may not have ninjas, but it is world-renowned for its French cuisine, ranked 20th in the world. The price tag is higher, but the service and food are fantastic. The servers heat the foie gras and prepare the sauce tableside. If you are going to try French cuisine, this is the place to have a genuine experience.

Pane & Vino in Miami, FL should be on your bucket list for RV trip ideas
Pane & Vino, Miami: Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Pane & Vino – Miami, FL

Located in Miami Beach, Florida is an Italian restaurant rated as one of the best in the country. Pane & Vino is known for its Tiramisu, so be sure to save room for dessert. It may be hard to do, though, for this place is also famous for it’s freshly made pasta. It’s reasonably priced, the wait staff is friendly, and there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options to cater to all diners.

SafeHouse in Milwaukee is a great spy themed restaurant according to this Utah RV dealer
SafeHouse, Milwaukee: Photo Credit: OpenTable

SafeHouse – Milwaukee, WI

If you are out in the Midwest, give the SafeHouse in Milwaukee ago. This is a spy-themed restaurant so you can try out your super-sleuth skills. Just as a heads up, you will have to know the password to even get in. In operation since 1966, it is both family-friendly and offers fun for those 21 and up after 8pm. It’s wall to wall spy decor, secret entrances, and one of the nation’s best-kept secrets.

Bors Hede Inne in Carnation Washington makes one of the top of our RV trip ideas lists
Bors Hede Inne, Carnation: Photo Credit: 4 Culture

Bors Hede Inne – Carnation, WA

If you are looking for RV trip ideas out in the Northwest, stop in at the Bors Hede Inne, which is styled after a 14th-century village in rural England. The medieval menu is paired with an authentic theatre show. For just over an hour, music and stories will accompany this one-of-a-kind dining experience. Reservations are needed at this establishment located in Carnation, WA.

Opaque California is a restaurant where you eat in the dark and should definitely be on your RV trip ideas list
Opaque, Los Angeles: Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Opaque – Los Angeles, CA

For a completely unique dining experience, you need to try Opaque in Los Angeles. This restaurant only employs visually challenged and blind wait staff. Diners are blindfolded, and the rooms are dark. The food is served, and patrons are allowed to use their other senses to taste and enjoy the food. P.S. There is no menu.

This Utah RV Dealer recommends visiting the Tonga Room in San Francisco to add to the top of your RV trip ideas list
Tonga Room, San Francisco: Photo Credit: SFGate

Tonga Room – San Francisco, CA

Head up the coast after Opaque and check out the Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar, established in 1945 this restaurant has a Polynesian infused menu and eye-pleasing tropical decor. There is a floating stage, made of an old thatch-covered barge, where a band plays the top 40 hits. The epic dance floor there is made from a Schooner that used to travel to the South Sea Islands. The band even plays throughout intermittent tropical rainstorms complete with thunder and lightning. It has been named as one of the world’s hottest bars.

Dinner in the sky is a must on your RV trip ideas list - when it comes to the US
Dinner in the Sky, Worldwide: Photo Credit: Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky – Belgium

Dinner in the Sky and was created in Belgium. It is one of those places you may not want to try if you are afraid of heights, or maybe you want to overcome that fear and float above the city while you dine on gourmet food created by world-renowned chefs. A dinner table is suspended from a crane, and your food is cooked and served while you are hanging in midair. They are a traveling restaurant, serving destinations all over the world, so you have to check their website to book a table. They currently have tables in Malaysia, Mexico, and Dubai. Hopefully, they’ll come to the United States soon, so we can RV there!

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