Tips to Stay Warm During Winter RV Camping

Tips to Stay Warm During Winter RV Camping

You can run, but you can’t hide! Even if you plan your winter RV camping down south to avoid the cold, it’s bound to happen that you run into inclement weather at some point in your RV. Murphy’s Law, right? Maybe an isolated snow shower hits while on your way south or one of those frightening arctic blasts hits when you least expect it, winter weather is coming. Some people actually stop and embrace the glory and the beauty of the winter weather by opting to visit quiet winter wonderlands. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is essential to stay warm this winter. Besides hibernating under a stack of warm blankets, there are a few things you can do to staying warm in your RV this winter.

Tip #1: Check the Seals

Winter RV Camping Ideas by a Utah RV Dealer

Regular maintenance is vital to maintaining prime temperatures in your RV. Most motorhomes and fifth wheels are equipped to trap in heating and cooling. However, temperature control is only as good as the insulation in your home. Periodically inspect both the doors and windows of your RV. If your seals around the doors and windows are cracked or damaged, get it fixed! The same goes for cracks in the windows, leaks in the siding, and anywhere else that the precious heat could escape. 

Tip #2: Winterize Your Water Pipes

Insulate those water pipes! Insulating the water pipes not only is a great preventative measure to keep them from freezing, but they also make the pipes warmer. Warmer pipes lead to more heated water, which will feel nicer as the water hits your skin. Take your water pipe maintenance one step further and winterize your RV

Tip #3: Invest in a Vent Cover

Winter RV Camping by Utah RV Dealership

A good quality vent cover provides many benefits, including adding an extra layer of insulation to help you stay warm during winter RV camping. It promotes ventilation, prevents condensation, and lowers humidity. Not only that, but vent covers are fantastic at keeping bugs and debris out! Most importantly, it will prevent mold growth. You can also purchase a dehumidifier to aid in reducing condensation and moisture.

Tip #4: Buy Your RV a Skirt

Have you seen these? RV skirting is fantastic for winter RV camping because skirting reduces the amount of heat loss from the floor of the motorhome or fifth wheel.  Didn’t your mother ever say not to keep a door open because you were letting the heat out (and she wasn’t paying to heat the outside)?  That is what you’re doing with your RV by not having a skirt on it. A skirt can keep cold from settling in underneath your RV. Some skirts, like this one from RV Skirting Pros, will keep the space under your home 15º warmer in the winter, keeping you warmer and your pipes from freezing! 

Tip #5: Use the Sun to Your Advantage

The sun has a fantastic ability to warm with its golden rays. When parking, position your RV so that the sun will shine in your windows, creating a greenhouse effect in your motorhome. Small spaces heat quickly in the sun which you should use to your advantage for winter RV camping. Another great (albeit unconventional) tip is to shrink wrap and screen doors, so you can open your door to let the sun in a while keeping the cold air out. When the sun is not out, cover your windows with thermal curtains.

Tip #6: Use the Oven

Winter RV Camping by Used RV Dealership in Utah

Feel free to use this winter tip in your stick-frame house as well as your motorhome! One simple tip for warming your RV is to bake something. Make some brownies or cookies or some other enticing treat, then leave the oven door open. The heat from the oven will help warm the inside of your RV, and you can fill your tummy with good eats.

Tip #7: Opt for Winter Layers

So even though cuddling under blankets is a perk of winter, it’s not always practical. Our fifth tip is to purchase used winter clothing from saying the Salvation Army. You can support a cause, stay warm, and then in Spring when the weather is warm, recycle the coats and sweatshirts or pass them along to someone else. This option saves valuable space and money, and helps a good cause! 

Tip #8: Invest in a Dual Purpose Sleeping Bag

Winter RV Travel Ideas by RV Dealership in Utah

Buy a sleeping bag, preferably one with a hood. If an RV is a home on wheels, a sleeping bag is a bed on legs (your’s). You can take it wherever you go, even if you decide to sleep in tents when the weather is warmer. Buy a sleeping bag that will hold up to colder temperatures then you expect. For instance, if 32ºF is what you regularly expect, buy a container that is designed for less then 32ºF. Finding one with a hood is an added bonus since we lose so much heat through our heads. A hooded sleeping bag will keep you warmer longer.

Tip #9: Get Active

Tip #10 is to exercise! Being active is often the last thing anyone thinks of, mainly since we just talked about cocooning in a super warm sleeping bag. However, getting the body moving and the blood flowing is a great way to feel warmer longer. Jumping jacks, dancing in the kitchen, or an evening push-up challenge are a few options. Another great way to get some exercise is to go outside and go hiking. Enjoying the outdoors when it is cold out, makes the inside seem that much warmer. Plus, it does wonders for wintertime blues and cabin fever. Even just 10-20 minutes outside can make the interior seem that much more inviting.

Tip #10: Ask a Utah RV Dealer for Other Winter RV Camping Tips

Winter RV Camping Inspiration by Utah RV Dealership

Of course, you can always use a space heater or an electric blanket in combination with these other lesser-known suggestions. Don’t let winter weather scare you; you can enjoy a winter full of traveling adventures while also staying cozy. Looking for more RV tips and recommendations? Maybe you’re daydreaming of buying an RV so you can explore winter from a whole new perspective? As Utah’s most trusted used RV dealership, we have the best selection of gently used RV inventory. Be sure to check it out or call Recreation RV to schedule a test drive today at 801-572-0525. 

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